Tuesday, March 9, 2010

This is How We Do It

The other day I was laughing at life, thinking about how funny so many of my day-to-day moments are. How unique our family is. And for some reason, I kept thinking of that old 90's song, "This is How We Do It".....I don't think I ever realized how much that song was about what it was about until I saw the video as I was searching for it just now. So naive. Don't worry, the link is actually only to a recording of the song without the music video.

So, completely unrelated to the topic of THAT song, here are some pictures of how we do things around here. (And I'm sorry in advance for taking these with my phone. It's time to pull out the nice camera and leave it somewhere handy.)

The impromptu "armrest shoes". This was take #1. One genie slipper and one armrest shoe. See that toe poking out?

Attempt #2. Much better.

And look, at first glance, they just look like a pair of slippers.

Our linen closet, remodeled. I texted this to Eric today and he asked if it was a shrine to the cats. Ha!! I wouldn't be surprised. But I think this time, it's a reading corner. In my linen closet. With clean linens. And a bathroom mat. (This makes me smile while being simultaneously MADDENING. The amount of laundry we go through from "adventures" of this sort which are followed by "but she brought the water..." -- I can't even count!)

Look who cut her own hair. Last time she let Heidi do it. I guess she decided she'd rather do it on her own.

I know I sound very blase about this.
I am now.
I wasn't then.
I made her wear a hat to the library.
It wasn't a sunny day.

I do keep the scissors out of her reach.
Until her sisters find them and hide them.
What's a mom to do?

Other side of "self" haircut.

Damage Control 1

Damage Control 2

Damage Control 3

One of my kitchen buddies. If she's awake and I'm working in the kitchen, she's playing at my feet or strapped to my back. Our Ergo has paid for itself MANY times over. I love it and use it EVERY day. See the gate in the background? And the laundry basket? Neither of my gates is long enough for that space. There's another gate on the other side of the kitchen. This is our cooking, washing dishes 'barricade'. It works. Necessity is the mother of invention.

All clean!
See what she's doing with her right hand? She's tickling herself! This is what she does when I say, "I'm gonna get you!!"

Do you see the cat eyes peeking out of the bottom of our stroller?
Esther spent a morning pushing him around the house.
He got in there himself.
He chose to stay.
He is crazy.
We love him.

Walking home from the library. I don't think our stroller was meant to hold 60 books. (20 in each bag and 20 under the stroller. We just couldn't restrain ourselves!! It's the library!!

We squeaked all the way home.


  1. Lisa said...
    Too funny :) At least life is always interesting, huh?
    Abbie said...
    Your family is awesome! I am always entertained when I look at your blog. And that what our stroller looks like all the time.
    TanuvasaCasa said...
    I think those arm rest slippers are AMAZING!!! completely genius...hahahaha, only a mom could understand. We'd use that idea too, except I have no idea where the arm rest covers vanished to from our booster seats. I can't tell you how many times I've pulled up to walmart and realized someone is missing footwear. Atleast it's Hawaii and the kids are mostly barefoot anyway. It's totally perfect for my mothering!
    Qait said...
    HAhahahha!!! The stroller! Yeah, we discovered that strollers don't generally hold a big supply of groceries, either.
    We clear the library shelves pretty much every time we go (which is probably every week or two).
    Abby, YOUR GIRLS ARE ADORABLE!!!! SOOOO CUTE!!!! I can't wait for our family reunion!!!!!!!
    katyn said...
    I love your huge bags of library books. The basket under our stroller is only supposed to hold about 5 pounds, but we manage to shove about 30 books in it.
    Rae said...
    I LOVE--fiercely--all the wonderful quirks about your beautiful family. It is so much fun to read about all of them and smile and laugh and enjoy it all.

    June really can't come fast enough.
    Headle said...
    That really is a lot of books!!! ha ha ha! That's great!

    These stories are so funny. Your girls are so cute!

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