Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Thank goodness for spring break! We started our break with a family day.

First we drove to Long Beach to drop off the cats for surgeries, then while there we visited the RMS Queen Mary. Very cool. Someday we'll actually go inside and have a look around, but last week we just had a look from the outside. We were especially excited to see it with the girls as it has a place in our family history. Eric's grandpa was transported as a POW on the RMS Queen Mary. It's amazing to think that we can see the ship today that he was on then.

The RMS Queen Mary herself. The ship is now a hotel!

Checking out a carnival ship.

I have no idea what they're doing here but it looks so cute. It looks planned.

After that we drove into LA where we had a picnic and checked out the La Brea Tar Pits followed by a driving tour of Hollywood Blvd, Rodeo Drive, and the Los Angeles Temple.

Dire Wolf Bones

Reconstruction of a dire wolf. They've found over 1600 dire wolves in the tar pits!

Some turtles and fish in an atrium in the middle of the museum. We saw turtles stacked and lined up like this in Wakulla Springs in Florida too! It seems to be one of their favorite ways to relax.

A flower in the atrium. I think I might just ask Eric to get this one printed for framing. He's got such a good eye.



  1. Qait said...
    That sounds like so much fun!
    We took Ender to an airplane museum Saturday. It was so exciting to watch him and see how much he enjoyed everything!
    That's really cool about the RMS Queen Mary! Wow! We had some similar feelings seeing airplanes that had been in combat...a piece of history. I like that kind of thing.
    I hope you do have Eric frame that picture--it's gorgeous!
    So are your girls!
    Jean said...
    What a great day-trip!! I love touristy days like this. :-)

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