Wednesday, March 31, 2010

They tell a story!

So I realized that I don't always feel that way about naptime. There are definitely days where regardless of her not sleeping, I'm happy to do whatever I have already planned. And that's how I usually feel. Just had to add that....

But on to the main reason for this post -- talking!

I was noticing yesterday that Becca's first words tell a story. :) It's very clear what's impacted her thus far in her little life. I think if I were to remember the rest of the girls first words, it'd be fun to see how their stories are different (I do have it written down somewhere...just not going to remember on my own this morning).

Here are the words she knows how to say, and in order from first words to most recent:
All done

She's also taken to shaking her head "no", which is, of course, very cute. This morning she was nursing and I asked her if she wanted to say good morning to daddy, who had just come into the room. She shook her head no as she continued to nurse. Such a cutie! (And head shakes are always better than the verbal 'no'...which must not be too far down the road...)

Becca is also walking. She started a week or two before her birthday and can now walk across the living room! A week ago she still preferred crawling. So much faster. This past week she's decided she prefers walking and really wants to figure this thing out. My baby is getting too big! (And we won't even talk about that oldest baby who keeps getting closer and closer to needing a training bra. Eeeek!)


  1. Rae said...
    Oh man. I love First Word stories. :) Jaxon's was No. HAHHAHAH...
    Abby said...
    I think that might have been Heidi's too. :) Those darn second kids. Feisty ones.
    Qait said...
    Yeah, I guess I'll be in for it when the second one comes. Ender's so easy, really.
    His first words: YAY, WOW, YEAH, etc. All really excited expressions. He loves life!
    (I'm doing a bit of catching up, that's why I'm commenting so late).

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