Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My baby is ONE YEAR OLD. Crazy. Just crazy I tell ya.
There is so much truth to that saying:
The days crawl along as the years fly by.

St. Patrick's Day, one year ago.

I went for YUMMY and not FANCY or CUTESY with the cake. Glad I did! This recipe's a keeper.

Just barely getting her fingers into it.

LOVE this girl.

Holding a present the girls "wrapped". We mysteriously ended up with a few extra presents. They looked strangely familiar...I think I may have done that as a kid too. :)

Giving kisses to her new xylophone.

She was so happy. See the smile?

A little better shot of the smile. She returned to the xylophone between each present. She couldn't get enough of it!

Each wishing it was their birthday.

And naturally, at this age,







  1. Lisa said...
    Happy Birthday, Becca!!! It cracks me up that on the side of your blog you still have that pregnancy ticker thing, although it's nice that it says, "Your baby is 12 months old" rather than "You are 92 weeks pregnant". :)

    She is so cute!! I love her smile. And that cake?? More details, please? That looks completely delicious.
    Abby said...
    Cake details to come soon, Lisa! i know...I really should put in one of those age tickers they have for kids, but when I first saw that it had switched over and was still counting correctly...it was just too easy to leave it there. :)
    Qait said...
    Becca is so beautiful! I LOVE her eyes!!!!
    And I love that picture of the 3 older girls wishing it was their birthday--classic!
    I think it's so funny Esther's diaper is peeking through her shorts. :D
    Qait said...
    oh yeah, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY BECCA!!!
    Rae said...
    I thought she couldn't get any cuter.

    I WAS SO WRONG! She's so, so beautiful and sparkly-darling and I just want to SQUEEZE her! (In the most non-violent way.)
    jjstringham said...
    She is so cute!!! I'll have to get that xylophone for my little one who is turning one way too soon.

    Happy birthday Becca!!!
    Jean said...
    Yaaaaaaaaay Becca!! That cake looks awesome - please to post recipe, yes? And those last few pics are classic. :-)
    Christine said...
    I lover her facial expressions! It's hard to believe it's already been a year, Oliver is also turning one on sunday and it just flew by! Can't wait to hear that cake recipe though, it looks yummy.

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