Saturday, February 13, 2010

$3.89 for 32 oz of yeast = Costco lifetime member

32 oz of yeast elsewhere? $71.92!
How can grocery stores sell it at $8.99 for 4 oz??? Highway robbery!

And Costco tortilla chips, so wonderful. $3.09 for 48 oz!

Grocery store prices? Scandalous. $2.99 for 14 oz.
48 oz of tortilla chips would cost $10.25 at the grocery store.

I estimate I go through 77 ounces of yeast a year. That's a rough estimate based on the last time I bought yeast at Costco and how long it's lasted me.

$11.67 at Costco for a year's supply + three months.
$179.80 at my grocery store for a year's supply + HALF a month.

Hmmm...easy choice.

I eastimate I go through 28 ounces of tortilla chips a month (again, roughly). 336 ounces/year. Again...

$21.63 at Costco for a year's supply of tortilla chips.
$71.76 at the grocery store for a year's supply of tortilla chips.

That means that even if I were to ONLY buy tortilla chips and yeast at Costco, my membership would STILL be more than paid for by the difference I save not buying those things at a regular grocery store! The difference in tortilla chips alone covers the cost of membership. The difference in yeast leaves me $168.13 to put somewhere else in my budget!

Isn't that awesome?

There are so many things at Costco that save time and are convenient, but what do you buy at Costco that saves you money? I'm all ears!

P.S. - I also love that I can buy two churros for $2.20 and split them four ways for myself and three girls to eat in the car on the way home.


  1. Liz Johnson said...
    Contact solution, diapers, wipes, paper towels, butter... all of these things are FAR cheaper at Costco. I seriously love that place!
    Liz Johnson said...
    Oh! And honey! And cinnamon!
    Sarah said...
    Diapers! And wipes, contact solution (okay, everything Liz said), eggs (love the extra large), toilet paper, and I try not to buy too many other tempting things!
    Lisa said...
    I LOVE Costco myself. When Jonathan had formula that was awesome. $40 a month to feed him formula. I think it would've been $140 a month from the grocery store. And seriously, that made weaning much easier--okay, so it will be more expensive, but it's worth $40/month, right??

    Oh man, I have to tell you my Costco yeast story. Sorry if it's long. So, I had never made bread, or seen anyone make bread. But my mom-in-law bought us a KitchenAid mixer for our wedding, so I thought I'd give it a try. She also had given me a Costco package of yeast. So I'm looking through recipes, and one I wanted to make called for 2 packages of yeast. Darn, I only have 1 package... see where I'm going with this? I found a recipe that only called for one package of yeast and, yes, I poured the WHOLE THING into my bread dough. When John came home our whole apartment smelled like yeast, and I said, "Honey, do they sell yeast in little tiny packages? Have I seen that at the grocery store??"
    Jean said...
    Oh, I LOVE Costco too. There are a few regular things I always get: diapers, wipes, paper products, fruit, canned goods, brownie mix (Ghirardelli, no less!!), choc chips, and unbaked flour tortillas (in the refrigerated section... they are SO GOOD). Oh, and those tortilla chips!! I love Costco!!
    Rae said...
    All of this is encouraging me to renew our membership! (We didn't let it run out because we didn't need it, we let it run out because we forgot...)
    Abby said...
    I'll have to add all of these to my Costco shopping list! Great ideas. Most of them I've bought there before, but just forgot what good deals they were! :D By the way, you guys are awesome.
    TanuvasaCasa said...
    BUTTER!!! i don't know why I'm such a snob about it, but I only bake with butter. Homemade bread just isn't the same slathered in margarine! Costco's butter, for 4 boxes costs about the same as 1 box at a grocery store.
    Hilary said...
    VANILLA! So much cheaper for non-imitation quality stuff!
    I was super excited when I figured out the good deal on yeast too.
    Diapers, contact solution, wipes.
    Sugar snap peas and mini peppers, my kids will chow down on them. And broccoli. So much broccoli for SO cheap!
    Frozen fruit for smoothies.
    Go-gurts and string cheese for snacks.
    Chocolate covered macadamia nut caramel things . . . just for me, hidden from the kids :-)
    And how much do I love the mozzarella spinach ravioli in the frozen section!?
    And every ONCE in awhile . . . that big box of Haagen Dazs chocolate & almond covered ice cream bars. Mmmm.

    (And I'm Liz's SIL . . . so not a COMPLETELY random blogstalker . . . just a semi-random one.) :-)
    Abby said...
    Lisa, I could see where you going with the yeast as soon as you started the story and was grinning so huge as I read. That's one to write down for posterity. What a great story. So did it explode out of the bowl and all over the counter? Or did it just kind of sit there and ferment?

    Molly - butter! Yes! I am a butter snob too.

    Guys, these are all awesome. Isn't it funny how Costco isn't even that big of a store, and yet, some of the things you've mentioned aren't ones I remember to buy there?!

    Hilary, hi! Any friend or family of Liz's is more than welcome here. She's so awesome, isn't she?
    Headle said...
    Everything!! :P Oh, I also love Costco Butter! I think we buy everything mentioned here there as well as most of our fruits and veggies. We also buy Addi's sleepers deal ever! And they are sooo soft! :)
    Wendi said...
    MILK!! We go through almost 5 gallons a week. At costco its $2/gallon cheaper than grocery store milk. And butter, eggs, diapers, wipes, razor blades (for Mike) and printer paper! Shannon goes through reams on her own. Costco being 2 hours away was the hardest thing when I was living in NM. I'm SOOOOOO glad we have a Costco close here in CT!
    Anna said...
    I think just about everything that we use to buy there was already mentioned. I wish I could still buy all of that. Bloomington doesn't have a Costco and I have been missing it a ton! Happy shopping.

    P.S. Calenders?
    Brooke said...
    I love Costco. We need a new card though... Need toilet paper and tissues.
    Qait said...
    Holy wow, I'm a butter snob, too, and I will totally do the costco thing when...I don't know, when we actually have our own kitchen?
    That math is beautiful. That's my favorite kind.
    Hilary said...
    Abby - I can't imagine raising kids without Liz to call up and talk to (vent with, rant to, bounce ideas off of) almost every day! (Both of my girls are within a few months of Liz's boys . . . and they're all each other's only cousins). She's the best!
    rachel said...
    Craisins, heinz ketchup, dishwasher soap, trash bags, and lots of what everyone else said! Although I've discovered with our small family that we can't get through the produce fast enough before it goes bad.

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