Saturday, February 13, 2010

Today we pulled up to the veterinarian for the kittens' last shots. We were ready to pile out of the van when Autumn said in surprise, "I don't have any shoes on!"


In her excitement over carrying the kittens to the van, she totally forgot to put her shoes on! And me, not being used to having to check on my eldest, didn't notice either.

So because I wouldn't leave her in the van and also wouldn't let her walk barefoot at the vet, here's where our creativity led us -

First we tried a genie slipper we found on the van floor along with a booster seat arm cover. The genie slipper had a hole and her big toe kept poking out.

Then I remembered that the other booster had both arm covers. Bingo!

Pretty groovy, huh?
And after our errand, they went straight to the hamper! :D

Just because she's so stinkin cute.

Heidi thought I would let her leave the house in a purple shirt, white capris, and hot pink socks. Didn't happen.
I may be laid back, but not that laid back.

Tooth Count: 6 (two were lost in kindergarten and the permanent teeth have already grown in)
Current Gaps: 4
Her toothy (or toothless!) smile makes me smile.

A makeshift hammock for the kittens.

"Let us out! Let us out!"

A recent nap.


  1. Abbie said...
    Love the shoes! And all the outfits. And I love when you post pictures of your girls napping. They make me laugh. My kids only fall asleep in their beds - so boring. I would love to find them snoozing on a table:)
    Jean said...
    These are so cute. I love the kitty hammock and the napping picture, hahaha! And nice job on those makeshift shoes!! Who knew that they would fit so well?!
    Rae said...
    I love all the pictures, especially the kitty hammock, and the shoes really ARE genius!
    Kristen and Ryan said...
    The shoe idea was genius! We went through a spell where our kids would forget shoes! I wish I had thought of that!
    Qait said...
    :) Perhaps I can claim Autumn takes after me? I forgot my shoes once--didn't even notice while DRIVING. I found a naughty solution, though...I wore store flip flops around as though I'd buy them...and I thought I might, really, but I didn't in the end. :| Sin, I know.
    I LOVE the pictures! The kitty hammock is so cute, and the napping on the table is adorable!
    And you are brilliant to create those make-shift shoes. They even look like shoes, slipper shoes. I bet no one noticed! You're so cool.
    chucknorris said...
    why didnt you want Heidi going out in that outfit??

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