Tuesday, February 23, 2010

DMV Stories

So this morning I had to go to one of any sane person's least favorite places to go. The DMV. I had an appointment to take the written test (needing to have a CA license instead of a FL one). When I pulled into the parking lot at 9:30, there was a line outside, all the way down the sidewalk along the building. I started to get nervous because I had told my babysitters I would be back around 11am.


Perhaps. But I was right all the same. Even with the monster line.

I went inside and couldn't figure out where to go at first. What is it about government places having so many signs and yet I still can't get where I need to be, first time around? The first DMV worker I spoke with said, "You don't need an appointment for the written test." My reply? "Oh, well I have a 9:40 appointment." So he directed me to another desk and said to go next to the big line at the desk, but that I didn't need to get IN line.

Okay, I can handle that.

I get to the right desk and am told to get in the big line.

I kept my cool and said I had an appointment and that I had been directed to this desk and told to go next to the big line, but not in it. The lady doesn't seem surprised. The lady doesn't seem to care one way or another actually. (But that's also typical at bursting at the seams government buildings with employees who have to deal with so many not nice people that are upset about one thing or another.) She gives me an application and a number and tells me to sit until my number is called.

I breathe a sigh of relief that I have avoided the monster line.

I didn't have long to wait after filling out my form till my number was called. Paid the fee, took a picture, gave a thumbprint, and then I took my test.

And then I took it again.

Oh well!

I'm thankful I could take it twice and thankful I didn't take it three times (which I also could have). I was out the door by 11am.

And the girls didn't even miss me. And now I will have a CA driver's license and be registered to vote in sunny CA.

I think I'll go eat lunch now.


  1. jjstringham said...
    Wait. Does that mean that you failed the test the first time and had to take it again?
    Lisa said...
    Man, any government-run place is likely to drive you bonkers. I'm on Medicaid for this pregnancy, and I was transferred about a BILLION times before I found the right person. And everyone was SURE they were sending me to the right place. So weird.
    Abby said...
    Yep, that's what that means Jamie! Should've studied a little bit more. :) You can get 6 wrong out of 36 questions and I missed ONE too many. Second time I only missed three. I'm so glad I could take it again immediately after though, so I didn't have to go back on another day.

    Lisa, I feel your pain. Medicaid is such a blessing but I'm always amazed at how hard it is to get things straight. Paperwork, phone numbers, who to see....ARGH. It's always such a mess.
    Anna said...
    I hate the DMV. It took Michael and I probably 5 different trips because they needed this paperwork and I didn't have it (even though I had everything they said I needed) and then this that and the other thing. Ugh it is so annoying! But at least it worked out in the end.
    Jean said...
    Hurray!! (Stupid DMV. Haha!)
    Rae said...
    Oh man, the DMV. I've had a couple of good experiences there, but for the most part, the run-around that you had. Silly.

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