Saturday, December 6, 2008

St. Nicholas Day

Today is St. Nicholas Day, or Sankt Nikolaos Tag. Last night the girls put their shoes by the door to await the arrival of a few goodies from Saint Nicholas.

This morning Autumn & Heidi were so excited that they were up at 6:15. Esther slept until 7:00 despite the ruckus her sisters made. I'm so glad! Eric and I were able to grab a few extra winks by telling Autumn & Heidi to stay in their room but as always, once Esther was up, so were we.

After several attempts from us to keep Heidi & Autumn in their room, Heidi came in to say:
"Mom, it's time to get up! The clocks are all wrong."
"Heidi, look outside. It's still dark."
"No-o! The sky is listening to the clocks."

Is it Christmas season or what? I think kids make the holiday season magical. Their excitement is contagious (as if I'm not already excited enough on my own...I was listening to Christmas music before we got to Thanksgiving!).

On a sidenote, I've had a small piece of white pvc tubing sitting by my sink for several weeks now.

It looks like this, but white...

I've been keeping it there to remind myself to blog about it.

Several weeks ago I walked into the bathroom and found Heidi using this pvc tubing to siphon water from the faucet into a cup. We've never talked about how that works. It was just something she was discovered on her own. :) So cool!

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  1. Qait said...
    Heidi is such a smartie! I loved what she said about clocks, too (I so want to say that these days--but as an excuse to STAY in bed). I can hardly imagine her being old enough to come up with something as cool as that, but I guess she is growing up a little... :( Poo. That's sad I'm missing it.

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