Friday, May 22, 2009

Never a dull moment

(we have since cut her bangs...)

This afternoon as I was sitting on the couch feeding Becca, Heidi came racing in the back door to tell me "Mom, I found a beetle and I know it's a nice one because I've found this one before!" Mid-sentence she slipped on the carpet, fell down, got right back up, and just kept talking as if nothing had happened. I was laughing so hard! She didn't even acknowledge the slip.

I am ecstatic to have a picture of Autumn with a NATURAL smile!
She is the hardest to catch because she always poses.

Today Autumn & Heidi spent some time making chore charts with me. They each picked four graphics to print out on their charts. Autumn wanted princesses and Heidi wanted bugs. Their choices are so telling. It's been this way for a couple of years now. Always princesses, always pink for Autumn. And always bugs for Heidi. (They do share their obsessions though. Autumn can be found enjoying bugs on any given day and Heidi loves princesses too -- but bugs are definitely at the top of Heidi's list right now and princesses are at the top of Autumn's.)

As I was covering the finished pages with contact paper, the girls started naming their pictures. Autumn named her princesses JANE, MERELDA, ESMERELDA, and POCAHONTAS. Heidi had a butterfly, stink bug, daddy long leg, and a bumblebee. She named them FLUTTER FLOAT, STINKER STINK, CRABBY DADDY, and NECTAR COLLECTOR!

We get this look on a daily basis. As if she's saying, "Really mom? Really? You are so weird!"

Eric ran to the grocery store with Heidi and Esther tonight and when they pulled into their parking space, Esther asked, "Why are we in this pile of cars?"

I love these two pictures of Becca. I can't believe I took them a month ago already! I really need to take more pictures...

Becca woke up an hour after her bedtime. This kid is the burpenest kid I know! And who said breastfed babies don't need to burp as much as bottlefed? Hah! I keep remembering how growing up, one of Liz's nicknames was Belching Rose. Too bad one of Becca's sisters already has ROSE as a middle name! I have been so tempted to call her my little belching rose.

From today

Almost caught a smile on camera. We'll get there.

So after she fell back asleep (in my arms), I sat in my chair just staring at her and enjoying the quiet moment with her. What a sweet, sweet baby I have. What sweet babies I have. I could go on and on about the colic, but I find myself instead remembering all the sweet moments like this one. Sweet moments that may even be made sweeter because of the contrasting moments we experience throughout the day.

Incidentally, I think she's getting past the colicky stage. We still have moments and sometimes even days when things are difficult, but it looks like we're on our way OUT of this stage.


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