Friday, May 22, 2009

Remember In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning from Sleepless in Seattle? It was so still outside this morning and I found myself singing this song.

I went walking/jogging this morning and I thoroughly enjoyed being BY MYSELF and doing something for just ME.

Becca has been waking up around 5am lately and I decided last week that if she woke up after five, it'd be a good time for me to walk after feeding her. Yesterday she woke up at 4am so I didn't go walking until I'd fed her again at 7:30 (and I took Becca and Esther with me in the jogger). But today was perfect. She was up at 5:45 to eat and down again at 6. Perfect timing.

And it was early enough that it was still really cool outside and the birds were singing. They were so talkative that it felt kind of like I was in a rainforest.

UPDATE: Oh my quads are sore. It's funny to me how walking and running/jogging use different muscles. I've never been a runner. (By the way, for anyone reading in Google Reader...when I edit the post, does it show new again in Google Reader?)


  1. Rae said...
    As much as I hate getting up early, those reverent minutes of the morning do make it easier to get out of bed. I'm happy that you had time to yourself this morning!!
    Qait said...
    that's a lovely image! I'm so glad you got to have that all to yourself! :)

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