Saturday, May 30, 2009


After spending the majority of today doing nothing of consequence, I now have potatoes boiling on the stove, turkey breast waiting in the fridge to be cooked (skinned, de-boned, flattened, spiced, and dredged in flour), all remaining ingredients chopped and waiting in cute little bowls on the counter, apple juice is mixed, broccoli is sitting in my microwave steamer ready for steaming, and the table is set. And the potatoes (new potatoes) were just pulled from the ground two days ago! (they're from my neighbor)

This is very good because any minute now Becca could (and should) wake up and be ravenously hungry.

If she does, I'm prepared. It'll only take about 10 more minutes to get dinner onto the table and I can do what's left with a baby in my arms. Easy peasy.

I feel like a SUPERSTAR. A ROCK STAR! (The kind that stays home all day with kids and cooks and cleans and only REALLY is a rock star in the truest sense when she pulls out Guitar Hero, which she is TERRIBLE at...)

I sound so together, right? Please don't ask to come over. Although this sounds wonderful, you should know that my house looks like a tornado came through it. And not because of my cooking. This is just the way it looks right now. And many days. But I promise I am slowly finding a rhythm to my madness. I will conquer the beast!


  1. Heidi said...
    You are a superstar. :) I am truly impressed and so happy for you. I know how amazing it can feel to accomplish just one feat with a new baby, be it taking a shower or making dinner. You did it! And it's a really delicious dinner, from the sounds of it.
    Abbie said...
    It seems that I always have one thing that I feel "rockstar" about, but everything else is chaos. Something always has to give, I guess. I have much to learn...

    You are a ROCKSTAR!!
    Rae said...
    Abby you ARE a superstar!! :)
    katyn said...
    A shower in the morning is an accomplishment with a young baby. I am totally impressed. Cooking a really good meal is completely above and beyond.
    Lisa said...
    You ARE a rock star. I am quite impressed :)
    Qait said...
    I have loved catching up with your blogs! I love you, SuperAbby!
    You do incredibly well...I still have trouble feeding my men. ;) And Ender's past the constant neediness of newborns, isn't he?
    Isn't he???
    Liz said...
    I loved reading this! I have felt this way before, in exactly your situation! And I love that you are just plain celebrating the moment. You rock for that! I agree, you are a superstar!
    Can I come over for dinner?
    Trishelle said...
    You ARE a Super Star, my friend!

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