Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Abby needs...

This is really funny. My friend Erika got it from another friend. Go to Google and type "[your name] needs" and see what happens!

Apparently, Abby needs:

- help with her medications!
- to go on some good walks so she can trim down and look her best
- Dear Abby needs some advice
- a home
- To Get Her GROOVE Back!
- her own dog!
- a Plan
- a new home
- a fenced in yard with lots of time to run and play
- her canoe paddled
- us
- Your Help

Is it as obvious to everyone else how common my name is FOR DOGS??!

I once met a new neighbor with two basset hounds and heard her calling, "Abby". When I mentioned that that was my name too, she said, "Oh! Well, don't worry. Her name is actually Abigail."

Yeah...about that...


  1. Wendi said...
    Ha. This is great.

    Wendi needs:

    -to wait a few years to be a successful part of the WWE.
    -a new tattoo!
    -better writers.
    -to get it all together.

    Well... the first and the last one are both definitely true.
    Emily said...
    what a funny neighbor . . .how did your move go? Do you like your new place?
    Qait said...
    "Kate" needs a shave,
    a cold shower,
    a date,
    and your help.
    Thanks Abby! Fun!
    Anna said...
    Very funny, especially the story about the dog. I think that just made my day. :)
    chucknorris said...
    hahahahaha it's ok abby. people think maddie's a good name for a dog too. isn't it just great...
    katyn said...
    Katy needs . . . help.

    My best friend in high school had a dog named Katy. That dog was always getting into trouble. I would sit down and hear "Katy, get off the couch!!"

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