Thursday, February 19, 2009

We walked out the door at 9:15 this morning and things went non-stop, like this:

  • Take Eric to school
  • Pick up visiting teaching companion
  • Go visiting teaching (with my "peanut gallery" along for the ride)
  • Drop off companion
  • Go grocery shopping
  • Drive home - girls ate lunchables on the way
  • Unloaded all perishables
  • Coached Autumn in where to put groceries while I: Loaded dishes into the dishwasher to make room for myself to wash the crockpot. Yep, it was that bad. And then smiled to myself as I realized that I could start the dishwasher and Eric wouldn't have to wash the bowls and spoons when dinnertime rolled around. Stuffed the crockpot full of the yummy goodness that is Chicken and White Bean Stew.
  • Grabbed my lunch and ran out the door with the girls for 'nastics'
  • Heidi's 'nastics' class
  • Picked up Eric from school
  • Went to the 'nastics' side of town but sent a fax and shopped at Ross before I...
  • Dropped Autumn & Eric off at 'nastics'
  • Hurried back to Ross to try on the yoga pants I found and purchase the belt Eric found
  • Returned to 'nastics'
  • Hurried home
  • Headed out without kids or hubby for another visiting teaching appointment
  • Visited
  • Home again for dinner (Mmmm, mmm, good!)
  • And BEDTIME for the girls!
Today was a GOOD day. Obviously FULL, but REALLY good!


  1. The Mills said...
    You are one busy mommy! I Congrats on the soon arrival of baby girl #4.
    Lisa said...
    Wow, what a day!
    Rae said... exhausted. How are you still standing? Must be an angel at each arm!!
    Abby Hanson said...
    Thanks guys!
    Crystal said...
    I need a nap after that. And being 37 weeks pregnant too. Whew!!!
    Qait said...
    Awesome, Abby! You amaze me! I really look up to you!
    Days like that can be so tiring, but don't you feel SO GOOD for having done all those great things?

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