Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I am SO bushed today. I woke up with good intentions and a big list of things to do but ended up scratching most everything but the essentials. I'm just too tired. At first I was frustrated but then I remembered what I did on Saturday, what I did yesterday, AND that I'm 35 weeks pregnant. Suddenly I don't feel so bad about taking a "down" day.

So not because you're interested (because honestly, I'll be amazed if any of you make it to the end of this post), but because I think it's fun to record this to look back on...here's:

what I did on Saturday:

  • 8am -- Toast & eggs
  • Cleared the living room, which had boxes stacked along one wall.
  • Cleared the hallway, again, more boxes and random things
  • Taught a piano lesson (now you see why I cleared the living room and hall RIGHT after breakfast!)
  • Took Eric to Urgent Care (where he got yet ANOTHER prescription for something to help with his breathing and a respiratory infection - which coincidentally is a side-effect to Singulair, one of the drugs he's tried recently [yeah...my husband the drugee...yeesh...our cabinet looks like a pharmacy] so maybe not such a coincidence after all)
  • Picked up new asthma medication for Eric from CVS (which was prescribed at Friday's doctor appointment)
  • Bought more Wellness Formula from New Leaf (and had Heidi pay for cold sore chapstick she pilfered last time)
  • Went to McDonald's Drive-thru when we realized what time it was! Oops!
  • Waited in Urgent Care lot for Eric while eating our McDonald's lunches
  • Cleaned all trash out of van while still waiting
  • Eric was done! (after being there for 2 1/2 hours?!)
  • Dropped off new prescription at CVS, ready at 3:10pm
  • Esther down for a nap @ 2:45, girls playing outside
  • 3:15, ready to check on girls and see about unpacking more or screwing in some hooks…
  • 4:45, Esther woke up grouchy and sprawled by the back door saying she couldn't find her watch or her socks (both of which were RIGHT next to her…she just wouldn't turn her head downward to look at them...)
  • 5:10, went outside with Esther intending to stay out for 20 minutes and then eat dinner
  • 6:22, inside now. Kids played while I fixed the wheels on my double jogger, attempted to fix the collapse function on one side, and successfully sanded a metal piece that was sticking out (and with just a mini-pocket knife file, no less!).
  • 7:57 We're all fed and the kids are in bed. Nice.
  • Now, time to pick up Eric's prednisone from the pharmacy, lay out Sunday clothes, print some more choir music, put all choir music in my bag, figure out how much tithing we need to pay and write the tithing check. Then CHILL.
  • 8:19 Now that I'm sure the girls are in bed I'm headed out the door for the prescription. Guess I could've done those other things while I waited but I dinked around on the computer checking email, reader, and facebook. It was nice.
  • 8:49 Back but need to sit and guzzle some water. Crampy braxton hicks while I was gone. They're not typically crampy unless I'm dehydrated. Otherwise just pressure.
  • 9:14 Done figuring out tithing & writing check. Time to get Sunday clothes ready, print choir music, and get bags ready. I think I'll print the music first because that means I can stay in my seat. :)
  • 9:27 Music printed, bags ready. Moving on to check Sunday clothes.
  • 9:33 And VOILA, Sunday clothes are laid out. I love, love, love doing laundry on Mondays and knowing on Saturday that, unless some boogeyman came and stole our clothes, everything is already ready for Sunday. Time to CHILL.

what I did yesterday:

  • Laundry ALL day
  • School with Autumn (that's about an hour and a half)
  • Reading Lesson with Heidi
  • Made bread bowls (I love, love, LOVE My Kitchen Cafe!)
  • Deposited some music lesson checks and printed receipts of deposits
  • Threw stew in crockpot for dinner
  • Dropped off Autumn at choir and took Heidi & Esther to the library while Autumn was in choir
  • Dinner -- stew in bread bowls (feels so good to have a real meal even when we're out running around right before dinner!)
  • FHE - made Valentine's while eating kettle corn

It doesn't look like near as much as Saturday, but it certainly felt just as full.

So now, today, even "taking a day off", I still:

  • Made oatmeal for breakfast (I write down what we had for breakfast because I'm proud of the fact that it wasn't our usual cold cereal...)
  • Taught a piano lesson
  • Went to the grocery store
  • Took Eric to school
  • Had lunch
  • Threw stuff in the crockpot for dinner again (BBQ pork sandwiches this time)
  • Did school with Autumn while Esther napped
  • Girls played outside
  • Took Autumn to gymnastics
  • Dinner

And THAT was a "down" day? I must be crazy!

It's no wonder that when I lie down to go to bed at night, I sleep so well! I have slept better throughout this pregnancy than any of my others. And once I started seeing a chiropractor, it was almost like I'm not even pregnant! Okay, so not really that good. BUT I used to get up to pee three times a night at this stage. I'm only up once a night now. Maybe my body has just decided the sleep is more important and is forcing the bladder to wait? Hah hah...or I'm just dehydrated...

Now what would really be nice -- all this busyness brings about a baby, say, a week early? Because SPRING BREAK would be the PERFECT time! Do you think she'll accomodate me? ;)


  1. Rae said...
    Hate to disappoint you, Abby, but I don't think she's going to work by your schedule. :) Just because you were a perfectly punctual baby....;)

    Also. This post makes me smile so big my face hurts. It has ABBY written all over it, and it makes me really proud, too, to see how productive you are. You motivate/inspire me!
    Abby Hanson said...
    RAE -- Yeah...I know. But one can always hope. :) Just not too hard because I don't want to deal with the disappointment if she didn't come during Spring Break. So I just keep it in the back of my mind and think, "Yeah, that'd be nice." But in reality I expect her to be late...

    THANK YOU! For saying it has me written all over it and for telling me that I inspire you!! :D
    Qait said...
    I completely agree with Rae!!! Abby, I'm so proud of you! You're a wonderful woman! I LOVED reading your schedule, and not just because I wanted to defy you when you said readers wouldn't get through the post. Whatever! It is quite entertaining because I have days like that, too! Yeah, one kid is easier, but still! I'm busy!
    I love you so much!
    By the way, you're just like me with straightening up the house right before students come for lessons. ;)

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