Tuesday, February 10, 2009

ARRRGGH!! I am going to stamp my hand with a note to self -- do a SHAKE DOWN before you leave the store!

I have tried EVERYTHING to bring across the importance of NOT STEALING and yet...I still find things! Last time, one of my girls (okay, I'll admit, it's always the SAME girl...) took two chapsticks from the health food store that ended up costing $5.99 EACH!!! HOLY COW!

And today my TWO year old, TWO year old!!!! pilfered a pack of gum without me realizing it (and naturally the sibling sitting right next to her did NOT feel the need to inform on her...).

Okay...deep breaths. This too shall pass. RIGHT?

In hindsight and now that the frustration has worn off, I realize she's only TWO. And that a certain older sibling would have LOVED to have gotten away with that whole pack of gum I found in her purse after her baby sister brought it home and I set it in a grocery bag on the counter. I think I've really just got to remember to CHECK POCKETS after paying at the register. There are just so many temptations right there within reach for little hands. One day they'll understand.


  1. Qait said...
    Remember Liz's pack of gum she stole? AND PUT IN HER PANTIES?!
    Abby Hanson said...
    Hahaha! I vaguely remember her stealing gum but I didn't remember that she put it in her UNDERWEAR!!!
    Tarena said...
    We've had that same problem, twice in our household. The first time I didn't find out until we were home and it was later than evening. We had been to a couple of stores and we got very upset with her. The second time I noticed as we were getting in the car and to leave the parking lot. Needless to say, we turned back around and I made her go and apologize and return it. Very frustrating.
    katyn said...
    We had a little boy who used to come over to play and I had to shake him down before he left. He would fill his pockets with Anna's toys. It was worse when he had a jacket. I think that's a hard thing for kids to understand, but it sure makes it more uncomfortable when its at the store. We have had to turn over our fair share of candy at the register.
    Heidi said...
    Yes reassuring you that YES, it will pass. They are so little and I think they (at least our kids!) truly don't understand the concept yet when they are so little. We had to talk with her kids and go through the whole explanation - we pick up things at the store and we put them in our cart, someone scans them and we use a debit card. The kids never saw any money exchange (if they even get that concept of money yet) and to them it looked like Mom & Dad are just picking whatever they want at the store and walking out with it. We did a lesson on it in kid version - we're picking stuff out, yes. But with this card we stick in we're giving the store money - we're not just taking it. Letting the kids make some transactions with cash seemed to help. But at 2, our kids don't understand why money has any value.

    So yes, it will get easier. Bennett doesn't get the money idea yet but the older kids do and I think the hands on, visual experience with them buying something and having to give up their money and our explanation that Mom & Dad are buying this stuff - not just taking it. I think that all helped them understand why the candy by the check out isn't just fair game.
    Wendi said...
    Ah yes. This has happened here too. Shannie decided to lift a candle when we were at the Yankee candle company about an hour away. Naturally I didn't notice until she got home so we had a nice long drive the next day and had plenty of time to talk about how we buy things. For her, it was a matter of just not realizing that I do pay for things instead of just walking out with them. She was 3 at that time I think. If Cameron started that, I think that I would just have to check his pockets all the time because he just doesn't get it yet. But for now, he just likes to shove things up his nose. ;)
    Abby Hanson said...
    So I know that Autumn & Heidi both know I pay for things with my debit card. We've had that discussion before. But maybe it's time for a reminder lesson. Honestly, I just think Heidi is OBSESSED with gum! :D

    And Esther, I agree with y'all, she's just too young still. So I think we'll be doing the "shake down" for some time to come. Now if only I could remember to check their pockets EVERY time!
    Rae said...
    Eh, no big stressing over it, darling. Esther's so little. We still do shakedowns sometimes after visiting friends' houses. Had to extract something from Jackee's hand after a friend's house today, in fact!

    And, for the record, when I send you the calender money, I will send a couple of packs of Bubbalicious for Heidi....and Esther can pilfer some if she wants.

    Emily said...
    that is frustrating! I stole gum once or twice from Reams in Provo back in the day. . .what are they thinking put it all right there? My mom was pretty upset, it's a memory i'll never forget!

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