Saturday, February 28, 2009

How am I?

I've had several friends ask how I'm doing, nearing the end of this pregnancy and all. I am doing great! Unlike past pregnancies, I am sleeping better and feeling better than I ever did in the third trimester and almost two weeks from my due date.

I am convinced that this is due, in LARGE part, to having been to see a chiropractor! For me, each pregnancy brings with it sciatic nerve pain. And each pregnancy the pain is worse than the last. So I finally went to see a chiropractor about six weeks ago. I really should've gone a long time ago (like eight years ago...), but hindsight is 20/20 right?

I used to wake up at night stuck on my side. I couldn't move one way or the other without triggering immense, shooting pain. I am SO thankful to be done with that.

I've also slept better this pregnancy, even before the chiropractic visits. My friend Kristi mused that I am just so busy with the girls that my body won't LET me get up. It's insisting on the rest. Because honestly, I was ready to be up 3-4 times a night to go to the bathroom and here I am at 37+ weeks and I only get up once a night!

So...I feel blessed. Tremendously blessed. I am excited to welcome this baby to our family, but I am content to let her come when she's ready. I'm not saying that I wouldn't prefer sooner rather than later of course...but I'm also not feeling miserable.

I also realized after talking to my sister-in-law, that I haven't posted any prego pictures! Eric & I did a mini photo shoot back in January, at 29 weeks, so here are a couple of pictures from that. I'll have to get him to do a few more before the baby comes so I can compare. I'm pretty sure I'm quite a bit bigger at 37+ weeks than I was at 29 weeks.

I know this one doesn't even show my face, but I LOVE this one! It's my favorite of the shots we got.


  1. Rae said...
    Abby, I am so happy you posted those photos! You should post some more. Definitely. Eric is awesome. And I'm really happy that you're not miserable!!
    Lisa said...
    I was wondering how you were doing too--last time I came on your blog I saw your pregnancy counter and thought, "Holy crap, she's due soon!!" We definitely need some new pictures, but those ones you posted are SO GORGEOUS. Ahhh you make pregnancy look good :)
    Jean said...
    Hooray for sleeping well! That's awesome! Chiropractors... they are fabulous! Waaaaay cute pictures!! They're really good!
    Anna said...
    Those pics are soo cute!! Way to go Eric, and way to go Abby for being so cute. It makes me wish I would have taken some of my prego self.
    Qait said...
    You're beautiful!
    And you've convinced me even further that I really should see a chiropractor for my next pregnancy.
    I'm so glad you're sleeping well and feeling happy!
    Headle said...
    Abby! Those pictures are gorgeous!! You are such a wonderful mom! Your girls are all soo lucky to have you! I'm really happy to read that you are sleeping well...that makes such a huge difference!! Yea! Love this update :)
    MAG said...
    Your pictures are lovely! And I'll have to remember to see a chiropractor if I get more nerve pain. I experienced a little when I was pregnant with Bella.
    Haylee Prete said...
    I didn't realize (or else forgot) that you'd be having another girl - so fun to have four! I hope my next one is better too - I'll take your suggestion and see if a chiropractor will help my sciatic nerve problem!
    Trishelle said...
    ABBY, you are in the wining stretch. In fact, I hope you are having contractions as you read this little note.

    You are one of the most amazing moms I know. It brings me great happiness to know that another child will get to experience that fact first hand.

    I hope you getting some good quality sleep in preparation for the big day. I love you!
    It Happens to Be said...
    I've been peeking at your blog. I love this photo. My last child was two months early and when we looked back, we realized we only had 1 picture of me while I was pregnant with her and I was wearing a coat. One! Ugh! I wish I hadn't been so busy with living life that I had taken more photos. Congratulations!
    Renee @ It Happens to Be

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