Sunday, September 16, 2007

Literal Minded

Our sweet Heidi is so literal-minded. I'm learning that if I don't want to mince words with her, I'd better be right on in my word choice or very general! Sometimes Eric and I both forget and this is what happens:

Eric to Heidi one morning as we were rushing out the door:
"Heidi, you can't lose your sandals like this! We need to go now!"

Heidi's response:
"Well actually I can because they're small."

And she is completely serious. There's nothing goofy or sassy about it. We've just said something that isn't true and she knows it! I've learned that when she does something naughty I can't say, "You can't do that." -- It has to be "Don't do that, You're not allowed to do that," or something along those lines.

Yesterday at dinner, Autumn asked what we were having for dessert and then asked if we could have ice cream. This is how things unfolded:

Me: "No, we didn't buy any ice cream."
Heidi chiming in: "Yes, we did."
Me: first I have to think back and understand why she's contradicting me...and then I say, "Yes, you're right. We bought some ice cream. But we ate it all gone, remember?"
AND SHE SAYS: "Yes, but we buyed it!"

And for her the conversation was over. She'd made her point. She wasn't concerned about the ice cream, just the fact that we HAD bought some but I had said otherwise. Funny kid.


  1. Mary Beth said...
    how funny! Good luck checking your words everytime you say something! Too cute!
    Crystal said...
    Heidi cracks me up! She sounds like a smarty!
    Anna said...
    I am so amazed at how smart kids are, even Emma. Of course Emma doesn't really talk, but she can figure things out that a 13 month old just shouldn't.(that's my opinion anyway.)
    Creative Catharsis said...
    That's awesome! She'll force articulation and specification out of you. :) It's good for you! Hahhahah....oh, what a smart cookie.
    Abby Hanson said...
    Anna that's so true! I think way too many people don't realize just how much even little toddlers can understand.

    Rae, absolutely! The real trick is remembering to talk to her like that, and almost the opposite with Autumn! Yikes!

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