Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Heidi snagged this book at the library yesterday. I never know what to expect when she gets to pick, but this one is a winner! We read another book by this pair some time ago called "How are you Peeling? Food with Moods" and loved it.

Here's an excerpt from Scholastic about this book that gives a glimpse into why I think it's so cool!

"When you see piles of veggies lying sedately around the corner store, you'd never guess all that produce really wants to go, go, GO! But Saxton Freymann did, and he's transformed those basking berries and lazy legumes into vehicles of every size and speed. Kids everywhere will thrill over the array of transportation methods on display, from enormous rockets and grand ocean liners to the simplest mechanism of all: your feet. And as always, Freymann's clever vegetable sculptures delight the eye and tickle the funny bone. Hurry up and grab some FAST FOOD!"

And here's a really cool Google feature that shows all the books by this pair, mostly based on this food theme.


  1. Creative Catharsis said...
    Hey! I found those books on Amazon and was considering buying them. I think I will, now that I've heard how much you (and yours) like them!
    Crystal said...
    Those books look awesome! I'm putting them on hold at the library to check them out!

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