Thursday, September 6, 2007

Food, Glorious Food!

I went grocery shopping this morning and am so excited about the produce here. It's beautiful, it tastes delish, and the prices are great!

1.76 lbs Royal Gala apples
.75 lbs Pluots (a plum & apricot hybrid)
1.96 lbs Bartlett pears
1.18 lbs Nectarines
1.98 lbs Red Seedless Grapes
2.02 lbs Bananas

That's a little over ELEVEN pounds of FRUIT and I paid $12.64!! Yay for warm climates and yummy fruit!


  1. Crystal said...
    Nice Abby! Produce can be so expensive at times, I'm jealous that you have quality fruit at a great price!
    Creative Catharsis said...
    Oh, I'm so jealous!! I LOVE being able to get a lot of produce....and to get a lot each week. (You should see my latest blog. It's about groceries and other similar stuff.) We're budgeting $20.00 a week for bread, produce, and sometimes snacks. Those things tend to need replacing weekly in our house. I wish, though, that we had $20.00 each week for produce alone!! PLUOTS! Who would've thunk it? Let me know how they taste.

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