Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The dryer works!!!

We had a technician come look at it and a cable had broken. He said it's not uncommon in dryers as old as ours. He had checked pretty much everything else first, so by the time he was finished he could also say that everything else looked just fine. :)

He also gave us a REALLY good deal because our referral had quoted a lower price when they referred us. Really nice considering otherwise we could've gotten yet another dryer for less than the original price.

And next time (knock on wood?!), I think I'll feel a little more comfortable trying some things on my own now that I've seen the "innards" of my dryer and watched the technician use his V-ohm reader. I read about those when I was researching dryer problems but they sounded so complex! After watching how they work, I'm not so intimidated.


  1. Anna said...
    Yay!! I am glad to hear that your dryer works. You do have a way with those dumb machines. :) And how nice to get a good deal on it, always a relief.
    Jeff and Sheila Capell said...
    HURRAY!! How exciting! Someday I will have a dryer of my very own to try and "fix" when it freaks out!! Hopefully we can get lucky like you guys and find them for free or for cheap!

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