Saturday, October 11, 2008

Have you ever won anything? I haven't.

I now have close to 200 entries in the handbag contest! Wow. My apologies if you got one or more invitations and weren't interested. I'm amazed that they're offering one extra entry per person you invite without them even having to accept. That's pretty awesome. Now I just it enough? What are my chances to win the handbag I want? Maybe I should have left the "Support" email addresses on the list and all the company emails I have....hmmm...yeah, I'm not going there.

Oh, and if you're a little worried -- handbagplanet won't be keeping your email. They only sent the invite and then discarded the email info.


  1. Jean said...
    Wow, you are HARDCORE. I hope you win the handbag. Actually, I hope we BOTH win, but I must admit, I've already won a spice rack and a piece of luggage in my lifetime. :-)
    Erika said...
    I won a cheap Christmas China set (4 person) in a raffle drawing. I have also won 4 tickets to a BYU football game and a coupon for a bottle of pomegranate juice. Hahaha, I entered the handbag thing for the giraffe skinned purse since that's the one my 3 year old liked. :)
    Emily said...
    Thanks for the haircut advice! Good luck at your ultrasound! Ours is Wednesday! Half way to 40 weeks!

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