Sunday, April 27, 2008

Pool time already!

Thursday we went swimming at the Walker's apartment complex and the girls had a blast. (So did all the adults!)

Heidi only left the water to jump back in. And she loved the water wings (or floaties) we got for her. Last year she had a life-vest during her swim lessons so I was curious to see how she'd do. She was a little timid...for the first minute.

(And you have to click on these pictures to see them a little better! Heidi's expressions crack me up. She's even sticking her tongue out in one because she's concentrating so hard...a girl after my own heart.)

Autumn jumped right in but stayed in the shallow end the majority of the time. It'll take her a little time to remember what she learned last summer but I know she'll be motivated so that she can join Taylor & Kelly all over the pool.

(Top right, Autumn looks like she's dancing in the water. I love that one.)

Esther wasn't too sure what to make of it all. I think she'll be more excited next time.

(Kristi, Esther, and me)

(Taylor, Jamison & Kelly)

And of course, you've probably noticed there are no pictures of Eric! Guess who was holding the camera? Next time I'll have to stay out of the water long enough to snap a few of him. :)

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  1. Headle said...
    These pictures are ADORABLE!!! Wow, what a sparkling pool and such cutie-pie girls :D

    Now I really can't wait for summer!!

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