Wednesday, August 1, 2007

We started our visit with a visit to the sushi-go-round and now we finish our visit with a visit to the sushi-go-round, proper name -Totoyamichi. And this time I knew how to work my camera's video setting and got some really cute video footage of Esther chowing down on a sushi roll. (I know, these aren't videos...I'll add the video later.)

I took a picture of the cheesecake last time, but I had already removed the cheesecloth and garnish so last night I made sure to get a picture first. SO good and SO pretty!

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  1. Creative Catharsis said...
    Oh, I love love love that Dad's hands are in those pictures. Strange to say, I know, but I love his hands. And they look so particularly gentle in those pictures. It's sweet.

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