Saturday, March 26, 2011

Toddler Mischief

I should have known better.

In fact, I'm sure I did know better. And yet, this is what happens when you can't hear your two-year old:


  1. Lisa said...
    hahaha, oh goodness :) And I love the lower post about sisters. Have you ever thought that you guys could be like Little Women? That's kind of cool :) I was the youngest, so I was always trying to be older.
    Abby said...
    True! We could be like Little Women. I hadn't really thought about that although I love that book and movie! :D I'm thinking about their personalities and matching them up to the characters. Heidi would DEFINITELY be Jo!
    Qait said...
    For a second I thought I'd seen that picture before, and then I realized you had one of a barf mess that had splattered the same way!

    Oh. That's gross.


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