Saturday, March 26, 2011

My dear, sweet Esther is truly a middle child. Sometimes she plays like a big kid and other times she wants nothing more than to be a little kid. And as all middle children can attest, sometimes it just seems like everyone else has something else to do!

She doesn't know that in the coming years she will learn one of the greatest perks of being a middle child. Middle children are blessed with the flexibility to choose whether they are "big" or "little". Do any of you other middle kids out there remember this? I sure do!

There were days when I would play with older siblings (or neighbors) because I could and I loved that feeling of being an older kid. But then there were days I wanted nothing more than to play Barbies or dollhouse and warmly welcomed my younger friends and siblings. Looking back, I am grateful for that. It was a "safe" place. Room to grow, but time to do it at my own pace. This is so unlike being the oldest or even the youngest. I watch my oldest and try to remember that and give her time to grow. Hopefully she doesn't feel pressure over that. I watch my youngest and try to remember that she's going to grow up anyway and I'll need to let her grow!

I have been anxiously awaiting the stage where Miss Becca would be big enough to buddy up with Esther in their own adventures. That day has finally come! Over the last month I have seen so many changes in the way she plays. And Esther is thriving because of it. She is so glad that Becca is ready for more interactive play.

"Helping" me put together our new bed.

Waiting for their toenail polish to dry.

I have no doubt that all four of my girls will be close to each other. I'm sure the degrees of closeness will vary over the years as it has with my own sisters but I am so glad that they will have each other to confide in, to laugh with, and yes, even to fight with.

Just thinking about my girls and their friendships now and how they will grow over the years makes me really grateful for my own sisters. You guys are the bestest! All four of you!


  1. Qait said...
    I love this post!!!! I LOVE it, Abby! What you said about middle children is so sweet and paints a beautiful picture of childhood, I think...the slow pace, the option to choose which way to lean.
    I know I was at the tail end. Maybe it's because of that that I felt like I could still "play" up until I was about 14 or 15. The most important thing is I didn't feel like Mom minded when I seemed to feel the younger version of myself than the mature version (within reason, obviously).
    I'm enjoying thinking of your girls as Little Women like someone commented on an earlier post...
    I love you, Abby. :) So much.
    Rae said...
    Oh!!!.....*sigh*.....this is SO so sweet.

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