Thursday, March 24, 2011

Blood Broadcast

I've been thinking about posting videos to YouTube or to our school blog but haven't yet. Until then, here's one of many. This was entirely Autumn and Heidi's idea. I did nothing more than turn on the video when they asked me to. They're also the ones who called them "broadcasts". Now Eric wants to teach them how to do podcasts!


  1. Qait said...
    Abby, I enjoyed that so much! :D Brilliant!
    Do the girls know which blood types they have?
    I have O+, which is a nearly universal donor. I only can't donate to O-. But I love having my blood type because it's helpful to have a positive (for the...R something they test for when you're pregnant, do you remember?) and because I love to donate. :)
    And I've always remembered that Grandpa Hawkes has a tattoo of his blood type, AB+, a required tattoo from his time serving in the military...something like the military, possibly the coast guard.
    I'm excited for the next broadcast, especially if it is Egypt Broadcast! :D I love your girls.
    Abby said...
    I'm O+ too. We're both the same as Mom and I love it for the same reasons you do! I haven't donated in awhile. It'll be fun to get back into the swing of that, since I'm not in the nursing/pregnant stages now. We're kind of oddballs that we like that. :) We actually did a blood typing kit with the girls but it was only enough stuff for one person. Heidi was the brave one. She's A+, like Dad and Eric. It's the Rh factor. I think the girls actually talk about it in their broadcast! Grandma Tensie had it actually. She was O-. And just for you, I'll post their Egypt one next. :D
    Rae said...
    GAH! OH MY GOODNESS!!! I am....speechless!

    Sooooo darling.

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