Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Let's not

Last night I dreamed that I had triplet girls. Hahaha!



And pregnant?

That's just funny.

It was such a funny dream though, looking back on it. I didn't know I was having triplets and here they came, one - two - three. And then I put them in a stroller - SITTING UP. And it was perfectly normal, as tends to happen in dreams. They were still newborns, but somehow this worked. And then I looked at them and thought, "I don't think I'm going to have enough milk for 3 babies! Certainly not enough ARMS!" and realized they were definitely going to need formula supplements.

And I also thought to myself, "Well, I guess Heavenly Father knew I was only willing to be pregnant one more time (where did that come from??). Guess he had to find a way to get the rest of our family to us..."



This morning I laughed as I thought about the dream because I remembered a time, a LONG time ago when my sisters and I were making cookies in the kitchen and Rae started into this goofy story about how I was going to have triplet girls...



I think that should be a sign that I should NEVER get pregnant again. :D


  1. Anna said...
    Oh now that's funny. :)
    Lisa said...
    Hahaha, oh my goodness, 7 girls. Only you guys. It would almost make sense.

    Baby dreams are so weird. I remember having a dream (before I had Jonathan) that I had him and that he was nursing for the first time and then he said, "Yum!" And I was so impressed with the skills of my kid--wow, a first word already!--when someone came in and told me about how that was no big deal and their kid was saying sentences by this point. That's actually funny to remember now, since he doesn't talk and other kids his age say sentences... :)
    jjstringham said...
    I thought for sure you were going to end this post with some sort of announcement. :P
    Headle said...
    I know what you mean, triplets would be the death of me! LOL! Its dreams like that that make waking up soooo nice! :)

    Funny thing is, though, I could totally see you pulling off something like that!
    Heidi said...
    Along those lines of cramming in a couple extra babies - a friend was expecting her #4 and her husband said it would be their last. Yep, she got into that appointment and apparently there was a #5 who snuck in there as well. :)
    Erika said...
    Wow, that would be really crazy. I'm hoping to never have multiples... :)
    Qait said...
    ahhAHhahah I love your dreams, Abby. You had wonderfully weird ones.
    HAhahah, "Guess He had to find a way to get the rest of our family to us..."
    SURE. HAHHAHAHAH! That's so funny.
    I love you. :D

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