Monday, June 28, 2010

People talk about how wonderful it is to have a girl first because they're like second mommas, so helpful with the other kids. Well, having never had a boy first...obviously...and having never had a boy PERIOD...I can only go by what I see in other families and from my childhood. It's very true. I'm sure it's not always true, but it's probably more often true than not.

Autumn is such a good helper with her sisters and around the house. And she loves them to pieces. She is tender hearted. Quick to feel the smallest slight from her sisters (whom she loves dearly), but also so quick to forgive with a smile and a hug.

She loves life. She is excited about everything that comes her way. She loves to dance. She loves to tell people how much she's looking forward to playing the cello this fall.

She loves school and lately, she loves to write stories! This has been a joy for me to watch. Earlier in the school year we worked on creative writing for a time, but it was a bust. She just wasn't ready for it at the time. And I learned after the fact, just how important it is to FILL a kid's mind with stories and information and give them TIME before expecting them to be ready to CREATE their own stories. So...we left the creative writing alone. And she went back to it on her own, when she was ready!

Right now she's working on a story called "The Enchanted Garden". She has informed me that it will be fourteen chapters long, just like Harry Potter. Every page has green ivy drawn around it too. Oh how I love this girl.

I promise she wanted her picture taken here and that she's even happy. Her mouth is just full.

Autumn and Heidi made a store in the playroom. You can probably read the prices if you click on the picture to expand it. But each price tag has a price (imagine that) and a description of the item!


  1. Jean said...
    I LOVE that she writes stories. That does not surprise me at all - she is so smart and creative. Yay for Autumn!!!
    Heidi said...
    Having only had a boy first, I've heard the same thing (that girls first make good mother's helpers) but in our case I've seen how Christopher has in every wonderful way followed his father's example. Granted we're an oddball case in that Kit's only gone 5 hours a day so that may skew things. :) But either gender, I love seeing how the big kids help the younger ones and not just the oldest - lately Emy's a hoot about trying to "help" Joseph by carrying him around and he's not much smaller than her!

    Don't you love seeing a new concept click for the kids and watching their little minds and imaginations just explode? I love discovering their art work and writing around the house, I'm so thankful I get to witness their creativity and be their mentor/teacher/mommy. :)
    Rae said...
    I would love to shop at their store--those prices are so reasonable! :) I so love your Autumn.

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