Friday, April 17, 2009


Today I noticed that my neighbor's 3-month old has her ears pierced. So cute! It made me excited for my girls to have their ears pierced. I even toyed with the idea of piercing Becca's first. Babies with their ears pierced are just adorable.

So...I'm curious. If your ears are pierced:
How old were you when you got them pierced?
Why did you get them at that age?

If your kids ears are pierced:
How old were they?
Why did you choose that age?

If you're planning to pierce your kids ears, what are your thoughts on when?


  1. Emnacnud said...
    i got mine pierced at 18 months. and wish i had not because i did not really ever care or take care of my ears. i am not a big earring person and some times wish i did not have pierced ears at all. i will wait till anika asks before we even make a decision about getting them pierced. i do want it to be her choice to get and take care of so she will value hers.
    Wendi said...
    Heh. I think I got mine pierced when I was around 23. I can't remember exactly. I do remember it was with Kendra, Ashley, Carly, and Erin. We went to Park City and while shopping decided spur of the moment to get em done. I haven't pierced my girls ears mostly because 1. I want it to be their choice. And 2. I want them to be able to take care of them all by themselves.
    Erika said...
    I got mine pierced at 12. My mom made us wait until our 12th birthday and it was a big deal.

    I have not gotten my girls' ears pierced b/c I don't want to deal with the care for them. Also, I have very sensitive ears and don't even use earrings anymore because of it. So I figure my girls will probably have similar issues.

    I plan to wait and have a set age that they can get them pierced- I don't know maybe at 10 or 12 (preferably when they are capable of practicing some hygiene).
    Bridget said...
    I got mine pierced when I turned 13. My mom set 13 as the age getting your ears pierced was allowed very early on - I have 3 older sisters. It was my mom's way of making 13 (becoming a teenager) kind of a big deal, because there really isn't any other event that marks it (like how at 12 you move from primary to young women's and 14 you get to go to stake dances. . .). Of the 5 girls in my family 3 of us choose to pierce our ears at 13. The other 2 waited until they were in college.
    I like the tradition my mom started and plan to do the same with my girls. I like that it was my choice, I was old enough to be responsible with taking care of my ears, and I like that it made turning 13 a little more special. It also made me feel a little prettier and more feminine at a very awkward age :)
    Jean said...
    I got mine pierced when I was 20 because I wanted to look more feminine since I happened to be bald at the time. :-) Ha! But really, I was one of those late-piercers. My mom has never had pierced ears, and so I put it off for a really long time.
    Tiff said...
    I've been trying to convince David to let me do Malia's for 3 years now... and he's of the opinion that it's just too grown up for her.

    As much as I WANT to get them done on my girls... I know it'll just be extra work for ME for a long time. Especially because I struggled with allergies to the piercings for the majority of my adolescence. I got them pierced at 10. Then re-pierced at 12. Then re-pierced (finally) at 23. What a hassle.

    I'm too busy brushing my girls' hair at this point. I'm thinking we'll get the ears pierced at baptism time.
    TanuvasaCasa said...
    I got mine pierced sometime around 5th grade...i think. I don't really remember. I did a crappy job taking care of them, I can tell you that! They closed up and then I had to get them re-done

    I pierced Brooklyn's around 3 months. They were just so adorable. She's 5 now and we have these earrings of the month...she so looks forward to changing them the first of every month. If you ARE going to pierce them while they are little, some people say it's best to do them the younger the better...before they discover their ears. That way, they are just used to always having them. Otherwise, if you pierce them around 9 months or so, they tend to tug and pull on them because it's something new. Not sure if it's true or not, but that's just what I've heard.

    Charlotte is 3 months now...still debating on piercing hers...
    Jeff and Sheila Capell said...
    OH I SO have an opinion about this!!

    So I got mine done when I was 5 (totally pressured in to it by my brothers while we were at the State Fair, I remember the day CLEARLY in my mind) I have LOVED them ever since, never had a problem with them. So glad I had them done young b/c I remember all the earrings I ever had.

    Kari (Brown) Stacy (my sis) had her first girl Kali and we were at the State Fair when Kali was a baby, I don't know, 8 or 9 months? Maybe earlier...I talked Kari in to doing Kali's and she did!! SHE LOVES THEM, they are never a problem and she looks so cute!
    Madelyn, Kari's 2nd, got hers done at like, 2 months and they are SOOOO CUTE!
    If I ever get a girl, they are totally going to be done in infancy. You never get the Is that a boy or girl question. It's so girlie!!

    Some people say, "I want to let them choose..." WHAT GIRL DOESN'T WANT her EARS PIERCED??? Might as well do it when they won't remember the pierce and also, when you are young, your body takes to stuff like that so much better and they heal so great. Barely any "care" at that age.
    Leah Marie said...
    I had mine done at 8 years old. My mom did it like a "Yay! you're getting baptized! Let's get your ears pierced!" I'll probably do the same thing. I know too many people who had it done younger and ended up with infections and/or the ear closing over and needing to do it again. I'm thinking maybe even 8 is too young..

    Oh, and I have to have a girl first. ;-)
    Tarena said...
    I got mine done around 8 or so and then repierced a couple years later because they had closed up. Neither Dan or my mom's ears were ever pierced. They both have the philosophy that if God wanted holes in your ears he would have put them there.
    We've decided on 12. Dan wants the girls to be able to be older and make that decision themselves and when one of us feels stronger about something, we go with that person's wishes.
    Rae said...
    You remember, right? Well, I'll tell you anyway. I had them pierced when I was 12, which was the age set by Mom, because she wanted me to take care of them myself. I didn't take that good care of them, but they didn't close up. And I loved them. I had a few years where I hardly wore anything but studs or tiny hoops, but now I'm REALLY enjoying earrings, and it's been fun to have them pierced. I think it would be darling if Becca had hers pierced! All of your girls, for that matter.
    Rae said...
    Still thinking about this now, but in relation to Savvy--I think with Sav I will wait until she starts to ask about it, and then figure out what works best for that time. I did consider piercing her ears when she was teeny tiny, (but didn't, as memories of watching Jaxon's circumcision were still way too fresh in my mind), and I would say either do them now, when she won't even remember, or do them later when she asks. Yeah. That's my twenty cents. :)
    Lisa said...
    I got mine pierced at 8 years old, because that is what my mom decided. Like someone said before, it went along with baptism. Although maybe it should be mentioned that I had to have them re-pierced at 9, because they got really infected and closed up. Ewwww.
    Abby Hanson said...
    Guys, you are awesome! I'm so glad everyone pitched in with their thoughts on this. It's been really cool to read about how everyone did it growing up and plans to do it with their girls.

    I'm still tempted to pierce Becca's ears...but I've decided to wait. I can't justify piercing hers and not the rest of my girls -- and I'm not ready for the rest of them to have pierced ears yet.

    I'm amazed that some of you didn't WANT to get your ears pierced! I was so excited and I love that my ears are pierced. And I loved getting a second hole in each ear...even though now I don't enjoy the benefits of that...President Hinckley talked about piercings only a YEAR after I got my second holes! Boo hoo.

    I think I know what I want to do though. I love what Bridget's family did - waiting until the girls were 13 and making it a celebration of them becoming a teenager. When Eric and I were talking about it last night, we were concerned about adding to how much the girls will already think about how they look, being girls and all. But I love the idea of celebrating them becoming teenagers and giving them something that helps them feel pretty at an awkward time! So for now -- that's the plan. :) We'll revisit it later down the road, when we get closer to Autumn turning 13. WOW -- that's in 5 1/2 years!
    Crystal said...
    I'm a little late to add to this discussion, but I just thought I'd share. My mom & I got our ears pierced on the same day. I was 7 and she was 41.

    There are six girls in my family and I think we all got our ears pierced at different ages. Just when we decided we wanted them pierced. I'm pretty sure I was the youngest though.
    Abby Hanson said...
    Cool Crystal! And how fun that you got to be the one out of six girls that got to get your ears pierced alongside your mom!
    Kristen and Ryan said...
    I had mine pierced when I was four or so. My sister was getting her ears pierced and I had mine done too! I have always loved them. I loved getting more earrings for birthdays, etc. as a kid. I never had a problem with them.

    Kaitlyn Had her ears pierced when she was four. She asked for them and we did it. Her ears get a little infected if her earrings are not gold. So we just stick with gold - yellow or white ( inexpensive at Target, I bet the W store would have them too). She used to freak out every time we'd change her earrings because she thought it would hurt like when they were pierced. So we had Eve's ears pierced when she was two and a half. She does great with them and they look super cute! For us earlier was better. Younger kids forget about the pain faster and it doesn't bother them for years afterward! Eve is super proud of her earrings too! She thinks she looks like a princess.
    Kristen and Ryan said...
    Okay so my comment was a little late! I just read all the other ones! :)
    Heidi said...
    I'm late adding to this but still going to post. :)

    I'm really torn on this. I got my ears pierced when I was 13, the age set by our parents. And at 13 I didn't see any reason to not do it. In college I added a third hole (along with a couple other piercings in various locations.) I was married when I took out the other piercings and I think a year later was when they made the statement about only one set of earrings for women.

    Kit gave me a set of earrings for our first Christmas together and I love them but other than that, I wish I didn't have pierced ears. I have scars from the third earring hole and my belly ring, I really don't wear jewelry anymore anyway besides my wedding band, and I don't want my girls to feel like getting pierced ears just because of me.

    If they want pierced ears then we'll probably wait until they are old enough to present a rational argument for why we should let them punch holes in their body. :) It's not that we won't let them, but I am not comfortable doing anything to their bodies that they may or may not want when they are older. I want the decision to be theirs for something that's going to leave a permanent mark on their body.

    But, I still wear my earrings from Kit. See, I'm torn... and then Kit and I had a discussion about resurrected bodies and if they are perfect then wouldn't that mean our pierced ears will close anyway? :)
    The Taylors said...
    Hey well They pierced my ears when when I was born it the hospital, chelas too! I also had a second hole done when I was 12. I went to Claires in the mall. It wasnt bad. When Lany was born I wanted them to do it straight away but as you know, they dont. So when she was 3 months old I took her to Wal-mart, there wasa woman on either side to do them both at the same time. She still has them. I did have to hold her in a kind of restraining postition so I might not take all the girls at once.

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