Monday, April 20, 2009

California Dreamin'

We are moving to California!!

Eric had an AWESOME audition at USC last month and they were really, really excited at the idea of having him study there for his doctorate degree. In the music performance world, a doctorate is called a DMA (Doctor of Musical Arts) rather than a PhD, so I tend to just say he'll be getting his "doctorate" degree there, because it's more easily understood. Anyway, they were SO excited at USC that they gave us an absolutely amazing offer. We actually had a friend here who is from L.A. tell us that the offer we received is unheard of. So YIPPEE!

We're moving in August and have already found a place. The church is just so cool that way. The networking and all! Stanford said, "Call the Institute Director and see if there are other young families in school there and where they live."

So we did.

And there are.

And we found a house to rent.

From members.

So cool.

We will be 30 minutes from Eric's aunt & uncle and cousins. EEK!
5 1/2 hours from my sister in St. George. EEK!
6 1/2 hours from my Grandma. EEK!
9 hours from all the family and friends in the Provo area. EEK!

AND, we'll be just 20 minutes from DISNEYLAND! We'll be living on the Disneyland side of L.A., so if you ever want to visit....DO! And we'll go together!

(And if you already knew about this because you frequent facebook, now you know more of the details!)


  1. Bridget said...
    That is GREAT news. Congratulations! I am so glad someone I know is having some good luck :) You're going to love it there.
    JAMIE said...
    Congrats Abby, that is awesome!
    Kristen and Ryan said...
    How cool! Congrats!
    Jean said...
    Yaaaaaaaay!!! Yay for you guys and especially YAY FOR ERIC!!! An offer that is unheard of??!! Woohoo!! He totally nailed it. Nice!

    Congrats on the house arrangements! What town are you living in?? It'll be fun to have more Wymounties in the area! REUNION!!!!
    Abby Hanson said...
    Jean, DEFINITELY reunion time! We'll be living in Hacienda Heights.
    Sarah said...
    Yea! That's really exciting. Congrats to Eric! I'm sure you will love it.
    Christine & Brian said...
    Congrats! I'm so jealous! Mostly because you'll be on the west coast which I miss dearly, and how nice to be so close to all that family.
    Lisa said...
    CONGRATS!!!! What great news!! Man, everyone lives down there it seems :) The Nutters, the Andersons, and now you guys :) And that's so great about the awesome offer! Just so great all around!!
    Crystal said...
    Soooo exciting! Congrats.

    (But the logistics of moving from FL to CA with four little girls in tow sounds super overwhelming!! I hope you have some good helpers!)
    Heidi said...
    Congratulations! We love, love, loved our time in California, we were farther north (Agoura Hills.) I'm so jealous. :) You'll have Trader Joe's and beaches and the LA temple and amazing weather. I'm so excited for you.

    Thank you also for all the help you gives gave me with the music thing, too!
    Jenn said...
    That is so exciting. Congratulations!
    Nicki said...
    It's been fun to catch up your blog and a big CONGRATS on the new baby! (i can't believe you and Eric have 4 girls!!) and CONGRATS on the move to CA and for Eric going for his doctorate!!

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