Saturday, September 13, 2008

Playing Catch-up

I realized it's been awhile since I've posted pictures of the girls. So here's what I found on the camera from this last month.

Autumn getting her face painted at the Summer Library Program Party (that's a mouthful). She looks a little unsure about the whole thing. It's really just because she hasn't seen her face in the mirror yet. She was really wanting it to look good. She wasn't disappointed. ;)

Heidi taking her turn with the face painting. One side was enough for her and the she was off to do other things. (Side note -- Aack! Heidi's bangs are still so short since her most recent "scissors" incident over a month ago!!)

Autumn lost her second tooth this month. It came out about a month after the first tooth so you can't even tell she lost another before this one. She's already got her first permanent tooth all the way in.

Heidi tried to give Esther a bath! I took this with the camera on my phone so it's hard to tell - but she has white soap on her forehead and the top of her hair. So nice of Heidi to even wash her hair! :) (although with bar soap...).

This is evidence that Esther does not like clothes....but she loves shoes....

Esther said she was "sleeping".

Again -- who needs clothes when you've got a stylin' apron?

And I saw as I unloaded all the pictures from our camera that the majority of them are pictures of Esther....she has the rest of us wrapped around her fingers. Well, not really, but it does seem that the camera comes out more when she goofs off.

When Eric glanced over from his work, he said, "So that's the problem!" (Notice the title...)


  1. Rae said...
    Oh man, I'm just in love with your girls! Tell Heidi, though, that when she's older I'll pay her tuition to Evans Hairstyling College if she'd like, since she is so set on doing her own haircuts, because she ought to know that the self-haircut isn't so darling when you're, say, 15. :) I just want to grab them all and cuddle them!
    Mandi said...
    What cute, cute kids. I'm impressed with that quality face painting job they got. Our face painting always comes out looking sorta blob-ish.

    And of course, CONGRATULATIONS!! How exciting to have a baby!
    Christy said...
    Your girls are so beautiful!! I finally got to your blog. What a great family you have. Good luck with the new baby, I'll be checking in to see how you're doing! Love ya!

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