Sunday, September 14, 2008

We're done. Finally. We started moving on Monday and finished cleaning the old apartment late Friday night. Well, Eric actually stayed late and did the cleaning - thanks babe! You're awesome!

I realized this week that since we've been married, we have lived in TEN different apartments. That's ten different homes in EIGHT years. That makes it even more amazing to me that we actually lived in two of those places for over two years. And while I try to justify it all by adding in that many of the moves were inner-city moves -- anyone who has moved a whole household of stuff knows that it's hard whether you're going across town or across country. The hard thing with moving far away is making sure everything is packed well. The hard thing with moving across town is making sure everything is packed. Period. Nevermind the packed "well", just get it all in boxes before the moving help arrives.

So of all the moves we've done, this was the worst. We just weren't prepared enough even though we had ample time to prepare. I could list the excuses, and there are quite a few, but I won't. I'm just going to leave it at that. Next time will be better (ugh! why must there even be a next time).

This was our dinosaur of a week in a nutshell:

Move essentials
Comcast transfers service
Cable works
Internet doesn't

Comcast doesn't come at agreed on time
Move more stuff
Internet kind of works
Call Comcast
Internet works -- cancel technician appt.

Realize moving stuff is futile
There is always more stuff
Begin packing said stuff and resolve to wait till help moves it

Find out Eric's new laptop will be arriving today, a day early
Call FedEx to arrange to pick it up since we're between the two apts. all day
Agree that it will be delivered to old place between 1-3pm
Pick up UHaul truck at UHaul/Exxon (which is not the same as Chevron like the man said on the phone...good thing we saw the UHaul sign)
Wait for FedEx
FedEx never comes
Call FedEx
Discover laptop was given a 10:30 delivery commitment (being such an awesome computer) which overrode agreed on delivery time
Naturally we weren't there to sign for it
Must now pick up laptop ourselves at FedEx after 5pm
Am feeling more than slightly jaded toward businesses, commercialism, industry....
Finally move almost everything with three mini-vans and a 10-foot truck
I realize I should've gotten a bigger truck
We were so blessed to have all the braun and babysitting help! Thanks guys!!

Wake up feeling like we've been hit by a truck
Get ready to do it all again
Get the girls apple dippers at McDonalds and am told at drive-thru to pull up and wait
15 minutes pass
I go inside to investigate
They're out of apple dippers -- why didn't someone tell me?!
We get yogurt parfaits instead
Old apartment still has two mini-vans worth of stuff (how, how, did we get so much stuff???)
Must be cleaned and turn in key by midnight
Eric is awesome and does the cleaning and last van full

Everything is at the new place
The girls want to unpack everything now
I take the girls to McDonald's to treat them to lunch (because we've already been eating oh-so-healthy all week anyway....)
We head to Wal-Mart for who knows what...
At the checkout the register jams
The cashier can't find a manager for 15 minutes
Manager arrives
Manager can't get register to work for 5 minutes
Finally, register works
Discover have been charged twice for comforter
Now must go to customer service
Wait in line for 20 minutes
Get refund
Go home lamenting the lack of "customer service" all over the business world and the lack of employees all over the industry that could actually assert themselves to learn their trade and everything surrounding it
Plug in dryer to run small load for Sunday
Plug sparks
Dryer is on fire inside

And that about does it. What a week. If you made it this far, congratulations. I'm very impressed. Feeling a bit down now? Sorry...some weeks just do that. But the week is over and now I can move on. And I've documented it for posterity. And my own memory. Next time will be different. I really hope.

Tonight Heidi poured water into the trundle bed frame (minus the mattresss) and used a pole to row her boat.

I was not amused.

I think it's funny now. Although I am still not amused.


  1. Anna said...
    Mom and Dad were telling us about your week. What a bummer! It can only get better from here, right? Good luck moving in. Wish I was there to help.
    Rae said...
    Oh my goodness. Abby, that week rundown was one HUGE nutshell, and I'm glad you're done (at least done with the packing and comes the unpacking) and I wish I could be there to help you get rid of stuff. (After all, it's my favorite thing.) Plus I would make cookies for you and make you sit down (that's right, I said MAKE you--you wanna challenge me?) with your feet up and you could eat cookies and all you'd have to do is say "KEEP." or "TOSS." as I hold up your various belongings, after which I would clean the entire house and paint your toenails. And all this for only....*drumroll*....the price of a plane ticket!! :)
    Rae said...
    It is blatantly obvious that I miss you badly.
    Crystal said...
    Holy smokes. I'm tired just reading that! Moving really is SUCH a project by itself and when you throw in all those customer service related issues, it turns into a nightmare!

    PS Have you started home schooling your girls? How is it going?
    Jennie Z said...
    Moving stinks! 10 movews in 8 years- wow! Seriously, you can use my dryer tomorrow. (and anything else you may need).
    Abby Hanson said...
    Thanks guys!! Rae -- we'll seriously have to see about a plane ticket if that's the exchange. :) I'm SO in.

    And yeah, I guess that wasn't really a "nutshell".
    Tarena said...
    Poor you guys. I hate moving. I think we will live in this house a very, very, very long time (if not forever) just because I hate moving. I wish I could have been there to help.

    Lisa said...
    Oh man, that is a week for the records. I love the ending dryer-fire. Seriously, world, why do you hate them???

    Hope things get better :)
    Trishelle said...
    Abby, you have nerves of steal, my friend! Sorry to hear there were so many hiccups, but I am so happy to hear you are home sweet home.

    We love you guys and wish we would have been closer to help out!

    May the unpacking and settling in go much, much smoother with absolutely no more fire.
    Trishelle said...
    Thanks for your sweet comment. I love that you love my parents...they love you too!

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