Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I'm here in Japan and already discovering some things I want to take back with me - starting with their toilet paper holders! Seriously! Well, what I really want is to have them custom-built into my house...whenever that house is built. :)

Eric & I have already decided we'll have German shutters (rolladen) on our dream home so why not add Japanese toilet paper holders? Take a look at these.

The cover on the top makes it easier to rip the toilet paper off and those little gray pieces hold the toilet paper roll up but also retract allowing you to simply pull up to replace a toilet paper roll! Forget removing the rod with the spring inside -- how come noone has thought of this before? Of course...the Japanese also have toilets with false flushes....hehehe...in case you have a need to mask any other sounds! But only in the womens' bathrooms! What?!

And these are the German rolladens we love. I can't stand American windows -- so much heat escapes out! And I also really hate venetian blinds. They're not pretty and they're so easily mangled and tangled with kids around the house. So if you don't know about German rolladens, here's why I love them (I'm beginning to feel like some spokesperson but this is just so cool!):
- they keep out the sun
- they keep in the heat
- kids can't play with them
- nevermind those blackout curtains for sensitive sleepers...it's pitch-black when they're down, completely closed and the lights are out
- they reduce outside noise
- security...have fun trying to break into THAT
- since they keep in the heat, lower utility bills

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  1. Creative Catharsis said...
    I'm with you--Jaxon has all but destroyed blinds in our kitchen, livingroom, our room, and Reed's room. But it's not hard to destroy them, considering their quality seems comparable to card stock. :) And those toilet paper holders are AWESOME! They'd certainly fit in with the whole stainless-steel trend. False flushes. We need that feature in our bathrooms. :)

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