Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I sat upon the fallen log,
deep down in the muddy bog.
I was thinking about my true love,
who'd given me a cruddy glove.

It was my birthday,
Some time in May,
when this lovely incident occurred,
I love you; she had purred.

For you see we were merely kittens,
and that glove was sort-of a mitten,
inside that glove there had been three mice,
oh isn't that so purr-fectly nice.

I wanted to eat those three little mice,
but one had the most horrible lice,
so I went down to my love's house,
and asked what she had done to that mouse.

Why I dyed specks of the mouse's hair,
to see if you would dare,
eat some mice,
with fake lice.

Now that I know what you've done,
let's go have dinner, hon,
So we ate those three mice,
Now ain't that so nice?!


written at age 13

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  1. Creative Catharsis said...
    Are you SERIOUS?! You wrote that when you were THIRTEEN?! That's AWESOME!!

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