Monday, March 5, 2007

Graduate school auditions are ALL done - thank goodness for that.

Now it's on to the waiting...

Where do you think we're going?

USC -- Los Angeles, California
San Francisco Conservatory of Music
Northwestern -- Chicago, Illinois
Indiana University -- Bloomington, Indiana
University of Michigan -- Ann Arbor, Michigan
Florida State University -- Tallahassee, Florida


  1. tiggrrl72077 said...
    USC of course!
    Mary Beth said...
    come to SF! We could be neighbors!
    Rae said...
    Hm....I think you're going to FSU or Michigan. Although it'd be really cool if you went to Northwestern, because that's where Phill's sister lives. Her husband attends that school. Then we could visit you there and visit her there at the same time! ;)

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