Tuesday, January 26, 2010

No Christmas synopsis yet. Still working on that one. It'll probably come at about the same time I do a 2009 Family Newsletter.

We left for Christmas break December 20th and between then and now, only 5 days more than a month, Becca has learned to pull herself up to a standing position, cruise along furniture, stand for a few seconds at a time, crawl completely off her belly (as opposed to army crawl), cut two more teeth (making a total of 6), clap when we say "yay!!", and blow raspberries! It's been a busy month! We are all thoroughly enjoying being along for the ride.

We got back January 10th, 3 weeks later and jumped right into school the very next day.

Since then I've been thinking about music and studying music more than usual. I guess that shouldn't come as a surprise given how musical our household is. But since I'm not the career musician in the family, it's sometimes a surprise to me!

Sunday as I washed the dishes I started singing like the crazy person I truly am. I'm including links for anyone who doesn't know these songs. I gave The Long And Winding Road new lyrics that started with "the deep and endless sink, that is mine for life!". I also made up a parody of La Donna E Mobile that started with "Dish-es, I hate you so! I wish that you would go!" It made my work easier to bear and brought a smile to my face.

I got an email from a friend this week. Had to pass it on to Eric. He said it reminded him that he really does still love opera. Lately he's feeling burned out on that front (two operas in one school year = "what were we thinking?!") and more excited about the teaching he does. Here's the video -- it's fun!

After watching that one I was reminded of another and had to go hunt down The Sound of Music one that was done in Antwerp.

And after watching the wide-eyed Pavarotti sing La Donna E Mobile, I had to go get a fix of Rolando Villazon. Seriously guys, if you don't like opera and even only kind of like music, you'll still love this guy. I think he looks like Mr. Bean. Aside from that though, he is a phenomenal singer. First watch this hilarious rehearsal and then watch this gorgeous duet he does with Anna Netrebko. I'm telling you guys, opera can be really fun! If you're willing to give it a go, go watch The Elixir of Love performed by Rolando (Mr. Bean) Villazon and Anna Netrebko. A light comedy and excellent acting that even the most unmusical person can enjoy.

On a completely different note, look what I learned this week!

I learned this week that a shot glass (naturally a decorative one in this house!) looks much better filled to the brim with hand sanitizer. Don't ask me why. It just does.

I also learned that when a plate has a recessed center, that center is really in need of dish soap. Again, right to the brim. Why else would it be made that way?


  1. Anna said...
    I should have thought of that--hand sanitizer in a shot glass. What else are those things for anyway? :)
    Jean said...
    I am always so jealous of musical families like yours. I have NO musical aptitude WHATSOEVER, and I know our kids will be at a disadvantage because of it (probably even if I put them in lessons, because I won't know how to help them practice!). Argh. What's a (non-musical) girl to do. :-)
    Rae said...
    Oh my goodness....I just sobbed watching the market place opera performance, and then again watching the Sound of Music one (though I've seen it before) and now I'm in tears over the duet. Thank you for sharing!!
    Lisa said...
    I love how much you guys love music :) My dad did the opera chorus for several years (12 I think??) so I was able to go a lot. And you're right--they can be fun!

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