Sunday, July 12, 2009

Okay, this is going to take some time. And I do mean "some time", not "sometime".(For some reason I always have to think that through when I type that phrase. Guess it's the grammar geek in me.) I have pictures to post from the last couple of months and things to say about what we've been up to and I just re-realized I haven't even posted pictures from Autumn & Heidi's birthdays back in SEPTEMBER and OCTOBER!! How did those slip through the cracks?? Oh well...the blog will always be here. In the meantime, posts will be coming but they'll be all over the place. If you're expecting order, you'll have to go visit Martha Stewart! The best I can promise is that my post dates will match when things actually happened.

So, as we were packing up to leave Florida I got bit by this serious crafting bug. I don't know what happened but suddenly there was all this STUFF I wanted to do and I really, really, really wanted it to happen before I moved.

My neighbor Misty made a nursing cover ("Hooter Hider", "Udder Cover"....) and a matching wipes case and changing pad. [Why is it that right as we moved we got awesome new neighbors?]

I loved the idea and then our ward's (church group's) sewing group decided to do nursing covers in July. So I jumped on the chance to make one and bought a little extra fabric to do the other items as well.

The cover was really simple and I could see making more as gifts for friends. I love that this pattern included a pocket on the inside corner for nursing pads.

The wipes case wasn't nearly as simple. Relatively speaking, it was simple. But it was also more work than it was worth! I had to cut the fabric as close to the size of the wipes case and then once I had glued it on I had to cut the rest of the way. That was tricky. I like having it but I wouldn't make one again. Not any time soon at least.

The diaper changing pad will have to wait. But of the three, I think I'm MOST excited about the changing pad. I'll share pictures when it's done.

A little mod-podge fun. Covering composition notebooks with scrapbook paper and buttons. Don't know what I'm doing with this notebook yet, but who cares?! It was fun to make.

The girls' notebooks. They loved making these!

And below are some of Autumn's play-doh creations. When I showed her pictures from the play-doh booklets that came with our kits, she went crazy recreating the images. I wish I had gotten pictures of the first masterpieces. She did Spongebob Squarepants. These are his cousins, or something like that!


  1. Melody said...
    I have a hooter hider with the same material!!! You have good taste :)
    Abby Hanson said...
    How funny Mel! Did you make yours yourself? I love that material.
    Rae said...
    I really love those composition notebooks--did you show me those already? Whatever, I love them. I love your wipes case (which I know you showed me), and I wish I was nursing so you could make ME a hooter hider. :) Also....I wish we lived next door and could do crafty stuff together.

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