Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sleep vs Babies

I really like sleep. Really. And I can fall asleep in no time flat. So the fact that I'm awake at 3am and have been for the last hour seems to be a good sign -- for having a baby anyway!

Here's hoping that my next posting is to announce the arrival of a sweet new baby.

WARNING: If you're squeamish or anti-details, just wait for the next post with pictures.

Update 8:39am -- Pretty regularly six minutes apart since 2 am. Lost my mucus plug around 3am. Did dishes, made granola, and played tetris around contractions. Slept around contractions from 6am-8am. 8:30am, bloody show. Contractions maybe moving more toward 3 minutes apart. Woohoo!!!!


  1. Liz Johnson said...
    Woohoo!!! Go Baby, Go!

    I'm so excited for you!!!
    Lisa said...
    Ahhhhh hooray!!! I'm glad you updated us. Good luck with everything--we can't wait to see her!
    Lisa said...
    P.S. She's going to come on her due date?? How crazy is that!
    Jean said...
    Yaaaaay!! Your little nugget is making her way!!

    I'm not squeamish. The more details, the better! :-)
    Headle said...
    YEA!!!! How exciting!!! I love details too!!! :) We're thinking of you!!
    Trishelle said...
    Yahoooo! Here she comes!! We'll be waiting with baited breath!

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