Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Guitar Tips?

Hey, so do any of you play guitar? Eric and I both want to learn and are trying to figure out what kind of guitar we should buy and what method books are good. And what kind of prices would we be talking?

I love having friends to turn to for stuff like this!


  1. Lisa said...
    I... tinker on the guitar. My dad plays and taught me some stuff, but I don't know anything about method books or anything. I have a Seagull guitar, and it has a wonderful sound and was only $400. Kicks the crap out of violins for that price :) Sorry I can't be more help!
    ME said...
    I would say get one with steel strings versus plastic, because once your fingers get used to playing on steel, you can play anything. I don't know brands of guitars, but anything acoustic rather than electric. And if you just want a basic outline of how to play, look in the back of the LDS Children's Songbook. It gives you chords that will allow you to play the songs in there. It's just fun.

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