Monday, July 16, 2007


Autumn watching an EFY group entering the Wilkinson Center for dinner...
"Why are some of them wearing blue shirts and others white?"
"Well, the ones in the blue shirts are in charge and the others have to do what they say."
"Oh! And they're playing follow the leader. To go to school."
4 June '07

Autumn & Grandma were talking about how Autumn was feeling and after they finished, she put her hand over her heart and said - very concerned, "It's not beating."
July '07

Heidi came to me a bit hysterical and got out:
"Mama two ants are on my fingers and they're BITING me. They think I'm food but I'm NOOOT.
11 June '07

As I was rocking Heidi and Esther, Heidi said (and she was entirely serious):
"Mama look what Autumn's doing. She's going back and forth."
15 June '07

Heidi says to me with her eyes as wide open as she can get them:
"Mom look at my eyes. My eyes are surprised."
16 June '07

As I was singing to Heidi tonight, she interrupted me often. At one point she said very quietly, "I'm all alone in here." (Autumn was doing something else with Aunt Maddie)
There was a pause and then she said in an equally quiet voice but very anxiously, "Autumn is getting into my stuff!"
16 July '07


  1. Crystal said...
    Were you guys in that big earthquake? Scary! Hope everyone is ok!!
    Abby Hanson said...
    We're doing fine. Didn't come this way.

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