Friday, July 6, 2007

Sushi Go-Round, Here we come!

We went to a sushi go-round for Family Home Evening on Monday night. Wow! I was really excited for the experience but a little nervous.
I was so surprised that raw fish tastes so good! In fact, most of what I had was better than the cooked stuff. Why did we ever start cooking fish? Anyone know?
This is salmon - completely raw - with wasabi sauce on top (which tastes a lot like horseradish). I think it's my second favorite so far.


More salmon, but this time lightly braised. Still not fully cooked. This one is my favorite so far.

The sushi-roll on the bottom is filled with cucumber. The top one has crab meat - the one exception to my new discovery that raw fish is better than cooked - I like cooked crab meat better than raw. Or I did on Monday. I could get used to it. :)


Autumn eating octopus! She liked it!

Esther eating a sushi-roll! I tried to take some video clips of this but my battery died. She was doing her signature "yummy dance" and leaning in for more every time we took it away!!

The sushi chef was grinning from ear to ear. He thought it was so cool that a gaijin (pronounced "guy-jean"...means "foreigner") mother was feeding sushi to her gaijin baby with chopsticks and the baby was loving it. We'll go back again before we leave and I'll bring extra batteries.

And who would've thought a sushi-bar would serve CHEESECAKE of all things?! I should've kept it wrapped in the cheesecloth for the picture...but this cheesecake is SO good! And it has raspberry filling. What a treat!

This is where the food passed by for us to grab whatever looked good. We sat at a booth, although they also had a bar/counter you could sit at. That's what most people think of since that's what's portrayed in the movies.

Heidi trying out the chopsticks. She sat between Grandma & Grandpa and ate several sushi rolls! (along with some french fries...)

Boy, I really hope we can find a good sushi restaurant in Tallahassee! To anyone feeling curious or brave -- TRY IT! Mmmm....yummy.


  1. Creative Catharsis said...
    Oh, Abby! So cute, so cute. I love that your girls were so gung-ho to even TRY everything, let alone like it! (I like sushi. Never had octopus. Phill says it tastes like ham.) I really love all the pictures--your Japan Chronicles are really fun to read/look at! And I especially loved the picture of Esther. I'm sure all of you must draw some stares there in Japan. Your Beautiful Blonde Trio....
    Crystal said...
    That is fantastic!! I love that your girls ate it. I think it is a testament to're a good mommy to teach your children to like a variety of food & it's ok and good to try new things.

    I can't get past the's much too salty for my tastes. But I think I could go for the seaweed-less things!!

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