Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Last week was crazy. Becca fell off the top bunk on Monday afternoon. We spent the day on concussion watch. We watched movies and iced her swollen eye (face-first, ay!). The swelling went down some but in the evening it went back up to off we went to Urgent Care. The Urgent Care doc said he couldn't feel any fractures and to just watch for abnormal behavior or vomiting and to take her to the ER if either of those happened. We headed home with a plan to rouse her every 2 hours through the night. Then she threw up in the car...

At the ER she had a CT scan with results showing 2 fractures around her eye and 3 mm (like 3 drops of blood) of bruising on the dura (the outermost lining of the brain - not IN the brain, so big difference there).  We were transferred to Miller Children's Hospital for observation and a repeat CT scan.

Becca and I spent Tuesday morning from about 2am to Wednesday afternoon about 1pm in the hospital. The repeat CT scan showed the bruising was stable so we just waited to make sure she didn't show any abnormal behavior that would indicate intervention was necessary.

I have NEVER spent that much time all alone with my youngest. Once we knew things were going to be okay, she and I enjoyed some good one-on-one time. She is such a sweetie. As long as nurses or doctors weren't messing with her checking things or poking at her, she was happy. And even when they did have to check things, she really was a trooper.

It's been a week and a couple of days now and I am continually amazed at how quickly she is healing! We've been through the "bruise rainbow" and are almost done! She has a follow-up with the opthamologist next week to check her eye again, but that's it.

If you are at all queasy about these kinds of things, you can stop here. Here come the pictures. I wanted to document how quickly her healing has been. For our family here, we've been with her all week and are used to how she's looked - but if you're checking in here, it may be a bit of a shocker. Just to warn you!

ALSO: If you feel inclined to leave a comment, please know that we have fielded all sorts of questions and comments in the past week and a half. Some very kind, some not so kind or thoughtful. Hopefully if you read my blog, you know that I love my children and take care of them. Some knocks are just going to happen despite any parents' best efforts! Yes, we don't regularly allow our children to play on the top bunk (especially our littlest ones!). Yes, we have a climber. No, I do not follow her around the house 24/7. Yes, she was playing with a sister. Yes, I actually had the ladder blocked off previous to this though some inventive children undid my work. Yes, it is blocked off again. Okay, deep breaths Abby. I'm okay now. Just had to put that out there.

Monday evening, can't even open her eye...

Tuesday, early in the morning:

Wednesday afternoon, buckled in and ready to come home (and able to open her eye a little!):

Thursday, eating lunch:


Sunday (looking a little sleepy still post-nap):

This morning, Wednesday the 23rd, 10 days later:


  1. Rae said...
    Her healing process is so incredible! You are a wonderful mother.
    jjstringham said...
    First of all, that's just sad that you have to put your little disclaimer to field any rude comments. :(

    Secondly, that would FREAK me out seeing an eye that black and blue (luckily, I have mostly scaredy-cat kids who haven't had many injuries).

    And thirdly, that healing process is amazing! Glad that she wasn't seriously injured (well, enough to land her in the hospital, but you know what I mean), and that she's looking so much better!
    Anonymous said...
    Sad day for her! Glad she healed up so quickley!
    Leah Marie said...
    Poor girl! And poor mama! That must have been so, so scary. I'm glad she's healing so well.
    Christy said...
    Shame on anyone who said anything negative to you. Anyone with REAL kids knows that life happens and kids get hurt. Broken bones happen, kids learn. Gives them great stories to tell their kids. Besides, it was a bunk bed, not a cliff and you knew what to do. You're a great mom. Next time someone says anything you tell them to hush up or you'll push them off a bunk bed, too! (just kidding) :)
    Abby said...
    Thank you guys for all the love and understanding! You are awesome.

    Incidentally, my word verification is "noweep". Hahahaha!
    Christine said...
    Poor girl! We know how it is with little monkeys jumping on beds. I hope she's doing well!
    Jean said...
    Oh my gosh, POOR BECCA!!!! Yikes! She looks so beat up... I'm glad that she got great care and that she's healing so well now!!
    Qait said...
    eep! That bruising looked terrible! Poor Becca!
    And Abby, I can't stand imagining people talking rudely to you. That raises my hackles and makes me want to jump out there and defend you (not that you can't defend yourself).
    It was nice to see the pictures of her getting better! Yay!
    I had felt bad for you that you had to deal with all that stress, but what a beautiful blessing that you got to have some one-on-one time with her! I bet that was really wonderful for both of you. :)
    I love you!

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