Monday, October 25, 2010


This semester, Thursdays are my busiest days. We do school, drive to two music lessons, drive home just in time to eat dinner (I'm loving the crockpot on days like this), and then hurry to Heidi's soccer practice.

This Thursday was even worse. It seems hard to imagine that it could be. But I sat down to plan it out the day before and it looked like this:

- Mail very important package
- Go to Autumn's dental appointment
- Come home for lunch
- Go to Esther's violin lesson
- Go to Heidi's guitar lesson
- Eat dinner (crockpot)
- Heidi's soccer practice
- Do a musical number for our Stake Relief Society Leadership Meeting
- Bedtime!


Then the night before all of this, we realized that Eric couldn't drive his loaner car to school. There was NOWHERE for him to park without his staff sticker. Student parking wasn't even an option because the loaner had no plates (a dealer plate...).

At first I had a mini melt-down. I had figured out how to make my insanely busy day work and suddenly a very big wrench had been thrown in it. I didn't want to change my took awhile to figure it out! And I didn't want to not go through with anything either.

After I calmed down, it turned out that needing to drive Eric to school simplified some things and then as the day progressed, other things became simpler too.

Tender mercies.

1. We stopped at the UPS Store on the way to Eric's work. I went inside and mailed the package - by myself.
2. We made it to Autumn's dentist appointment only 5 minutes late when traffic had me thinking it'd be 15.
3. Her dental appointment only took 30 minutes instead of the expected ninety.
4. We were able to do some of our schoolwork at home instead of in the car.
5. Becca got to have a nap.
6. Traffic was beautiful driving to Esther's lesson.
7. Traffic was beautiful driving to Heidi's lesson. We arrived with 20 minutes to spare.
8. Traffic, again, was beautiful driving to pick up Eric from work. Particularly huge considering just last week, that same day of the week, roughly the same time, and the same freeway, it took me 40 minutes to drive 3 miles. And also huge because we had rain most of the day, but no rain on that drive.
9. Received a phone call from our friend who requested the musical number. She had made dinner for us and wanted to bring it over.
10. Heidi's soccer practice was cancelled -- the fields were too muddied from the rain.
11. Eric's singing made the ladies cry.
12. Our sitter got Becca into her jammies and put her in bed. She fell asleep within seconds. This was a big deal not only because she's not always the best at that with others, but because we hadn't even given bedtime instructions. We ran late and he just decided to give it a go! We love Bob. The girls do too. He's like a grandpa to them.

I feel like that saying "when it rains, it pours" really fit on that day. But with a positive slant. We were so incredibly blessed. I am still amazed when I think about it.


  1. Trishelle said...
    What a crazy, busy, beautiful day! It's funny how people say these are days we will miss when we grow old. I'm sure it's true, I just can't imagine life not dancing this dance...and I mean that in a positive, grateful-to-be-doing-this sort of way.

    Way to be, Wonder Woman!!
    chucknorris said...
    im so glad Heavenly Father blesses those I love :)
    Rae said...
    Only because I knew all of this already (ha, I sound so snooty), my favorite line is, "Eric's singing made the ladies cry."
    Abby said...
    Thanks Trishelle! You are so right.

    Rae, I love reading posts you write that I already know about and admit that I feel that way too..."oh yeah, I'm her sister. I already knew that. When we talked about that on the phone...blah blah blah"....
    TanuvasaCasa said...
    abby and rea, you two are too funny!

    I think the spin off of this needs to be "crock pot recipes"!!! Come on-help a fellow homeschooler out! I left all my cookbooks in Hawaii from the move so the only recipes are the two that are in my head...and I think after months of those two my family is probably sick of them.
    Jean said...
    WOW, what a day, and what a blessing that so many things went so wonderfully!
    Qait said...
    A tad randomly: I do my chicken noodle soup in my crockpot. I just don't have a pot big enough for SOUP, you know? Not really. I just add the noodles last, and it's delicious.

    I liked that line, too, "Eric's singing made the ladies cry." :D

    Maybe this is dorky, but I felt like crying when I read "Traffic was beautiful" for the last part of your day. That's such a huge blessing, though, isn't it, for where you live?! I think those "little" things are sometimes the most touching blessings because I realize Heavenly Father's tender mercies extend to the tiniest details of our lives--He really does know our hearts and love to relieve our angst. :) So I felt very happy and love-filled to see that your potentially awful day was manageable and even good.
    I love you so much! :)

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