Saturday, April 17, 2010

These kitties have found their place in our family very quickly.
We love them oodles and they are SO good to our girls.
Look how patient they are!

Cuddling in Becca's chair.

No, they didn't get in there themselves.
But as you can see, they didn't try to leave either...

Izzy found this perch on her own.
I guess she needed a hiding spot and figured this was a good one.

Esther put Izzy in the dolly stroller.
It looks like she might be really mad but she isn't.

This always makes me laugh.
Sometimes Izzy slips under a blanket on her own
and then Autumn arranges a pillow for her.
Other times Autumn puts her there.
She just loves to be comfy.

It has begun!
Any girl who grew up with kitties knows
that you have to dress them
in doll clothes at least once or twice.
Autumn claims that Izzy likes it. :)

A new "do" for Heidi to keep her growing bangs out of her face.
Not only does it keep her bangs out of her face,
but when she's tempted to play with her hair
she plays with the ponytail
instead of twirling the top of her hair into KNOTS.
Works for me!

Ummm...yeah. She's done it again. And this time she only did half and then asked Autumn to help her. So did Autumn say, "No Esther. Let's go show Mom. You know you're not supposed to do that."? Of course not! That's right. Being the loving sister she is, she tried to FIX Esther's hair because it looked funny.

I'm so glad hair grows back.

She fell asleep at the table!

A cutie in Sunday dress. I mourn the latest hair loss looking at this picture.

I love this baby of mine. And I can't get enough of her in this outfit!


  1. Tiff said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Tiff said...
    ESTHER! Seriously, Abby. Why do you even OWN scissors?!

    And those poor cats. Bless 'em.
    Lisa said...
    I can't get over how sweet your cats are to those girls!! I've never met a cat that sweet.
    Jean said...
    Hahaha! Yes... remember... hair grows back. :-) And you have such cute kitties. I can see why they are so loved!
    Qait said...
    When I saw the kitty pictures, my voice got all high and I had to tell Michael to come look at how sweet and cute they, I want kitties!
    Is this the...THIRD time with Esther's hair? Oh dear! Well, maybe she'll grow up to be a cosmetologist or something and finally figure the scissors out. ;)
    Your girls are so beautiful!
    Liz said...
    These are such DARLING pictures!! I LOVE the one of Izzie on the shelf with the stuffed animals!
    Remember those kitties outside the temporary lodging we stayed at in Belgium? These pictures bring back memories of that time, and many other times we've enjoyed with cats, growing up.
    I was actually thinking the same thing Qait said, in her comment, that Esther might end up being a hairdresser. Then she'll have to have some good laughs about these days!

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