Monday, June 15, 2009

My Fair Ladies

I realize these three pictures are almost identical...yet I am enjoying looking at them all in a row...

Taken on Esther's birthday two weeks ago

Such a cuddle-bug.

Before church (bows intact, hairclips still in...)
June 7th


  1. Rae said... words?

    Nope. Just a huge lump in my throat.
    Abby Hanson said...
    Awwww. "I'm verklempt. Talk amongst yourselves."
    Qait said...
    I miss those beauties.
    Abby, I love your daughters.
    garg, my throat's lumping, too!
    Liz said...
    AWWW!! Thanks for posting these pictures! Becca looks like she's thriving!! Esther has grown so much. Heidi looks more grown up too, and Autumn looks cute with bangs. I love my nieces!!

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