Saturday, November 15, 2008

Two-Year old "Speak"

Right now Esther is walking around the house swinging a toy-filled ice cream bucket singing,

catch a tiger
by his toe

She also says gark for dark, gink for drink, and gared, for scared. So sometimes I hear,

"Mommy, i's (that's her "it's") gark in here. I's gary!"

Funny is HUNNY.

And every time she takes her shoes off in the car - which is just about every time we're IN the car...she says,

"My shoes feel a little HUNNY Mom!"

Phone is HONE.

"Your HONE is ringing Mommy."

What a kid!

* These pictures are from the night Esther woke up screaming and unable to go back to sleep. I took her to Urgent Care and discovered she had a really bad ear infection in her right ear. On the way out the door to the doctor she said, "Get it out, Mommy! Get it out!" She was not a happy camper.

She's had more than her fair share of doctor/urgent care/ER visits and is usually very mellow and even smiley for the doctors and nurses. That night she was in no mood for smiles. We could barely get her to allow them to do take her temperature. Or check her pulse.

But after the doctor visit and a dose of motrin, we picked up her prescriptions (antibiotics and ear drops) and headed home. I think once that motrin kicked in she was feeling euphoric because she couldn't feel anymore pain! She was really goofy on the car-ride home. She kept talking about kitties, about getting the kitties in, and hurry hurry, and how doggies say "wuf", and chickens say "brawk". At home it was more of the same and that's when I snapped those pictures. :) Eric and I were worried she was too hyper to sleep. But we laid her down and she didn't even try to get out of bed once.


  1. Erika said...
    So cute! I love little kid talk. My husband tries to correct it, but I just enjoy it while it lasts!
    Lisa said...
    Oh I love it--how adorable!
    Trishelle said...
    She is so funny and adorable at the same time! Who knew we'd all have these fabulous kids?!
    Rae said...

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