Sunday, December 9, 2007

is by singing loudly for all to hear. (Quick, name that movie!)

Um, after seeing our tree on film, I think it needs a little work.
Maybe next year we'll have a real tree.

Here's another shot to show a little more of the living room and how we ended up arranging it.
(I don't think I've posted pics of the living room yet...)


  1. Creative Catharsis said...
    Abby, your place is sooooo nice!! I love it! I love your tree, too. It's beautiful. All of it. Oh, I miss you. I want to come to your pretty pretty house and do dishes with you and make cute pear-mouse salads with you. *sigh*
    chucknorris said...
    Is the movie Elf?? I like your place, it's really pretty. I agree with Rae, it would be fun to make mice pear salads. Oops, that sounds like we'd make pear salads for mice. Well, you know what I mean. And I've barely touched my algebra course since you left. It jsut isn't the same! :(
    Abby Hanson said...
    Thanks guys! I LOVE that we finally figured out a way to fit the two couches in there but still highlight the fireplace. That was no easy trick.

    Maddie gets bonus points for the movie pop quiz. :) It IS from Elf.

    And Maddie -- you better get cracking on that algebra! :) Heehee. Hey know, we could even do it together using Skype if it gets really bad.
    Liz said...
    Love it!
    You're lucky to have a fireplace. (Do you think that you'll use it for fires with the temperate climate there?) It's fun to have that visual mantle to play with!

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